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05 Jun 14 - Lucent Dossier Experience

Hey, blogspot readers, what do you get when fusing together the look and feel of Cirque du Soleil and the avant garde fashion sense of the late Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga with the musical tone of Engima and M80? Well, you would get Lucent Dossier Experience! And recently, SouthSide had the extreme chance to back in the mystical glow of this theatric troupe from Los Angeles featuring DJ acts Searchl1te and Radiohiro at Concord Music Hall. In this reviewer’s honest opinion, the opening DJs could have used more musical spunk to liven up this crowd attending tonight’s show. The music somewhat flatlined to the point no one was dancing while waiting nearly two hours for Lucent Dossier to begin. If they were going for Spring Awakening or Coachella-like atmosphere inside this venue, sadly both DJs failed to reach that mark, blogspot readers. The music heard did neither inspire the imagination nor motivate anyone to dance. What a disappointing start to what she hoped would be a fun evening.

Opening with a symphonic aria of mystery and middle-eastern mysticism and dance, Lucent Dossier Experience instantly dazzled and amazed this Chicago crowd with a thunderous bang. Yet as the performance moved along (rather rapidly), this reviewer felt she was only getting half of the Lucent Dossier Experience than she originally anticipated, blogspot readers. Yes, SouthSide did enjoy how the music was the main focal point which does grab you immediate attention amidst the acrobatic feats and sensuality portrayed on stage. There’s a storyline featured in Lucent Dossier based on the troupe’s soon-to-be released album, “The Light of the World” and this is why SouthSide feels she missing the rest of the story while reviewing. In her opinion, the storyline felt rush ...certain parts were missing and/or lacking substance to complete the story for audience’s full enjoyment. At times, it was also confusing to which got SouthSide thinking two things: 1 – Lucent Dossier Experience is more of an outdoor festival theatric show ...not an indoor performance (but it could be if performed in the right venue with a higher ceiling height); and 2 – due to the size and space of the venue as well as the stage, Lucent wasn’t able to fully perform many of its acrobatic stunts and more thus ending the performance 30 minutes than listed, blogspot readers.

Still, this reviewer highly recommends attending a Lucent Dossier Experience show while the troupe is currently on tour, blogspot readers. SouthSide enjoyed how the experience part of Experience was dramatic as well as astounding the senses with its sultry sensuality while immersing the ears with melodic middle-eastern music. Fused everything together, all components help accentuate Lucent’s beauty and mystery to its audience. One cannot help feel the sexual tension from the performers even while doing complicated contortion or silk acrobatic acts that’s confined on such limited stage space. Was SouthSide amazed and dazzled? Yes, blogspot readers, she was. She loved the haunting melodic title track from the soon-to-be released album sung passionately by one of the performers ...the theatric feats of Cirque du Soleil (though a few were performed) which added to the Lucent’s mystifying entertainment ...each minute was breathtaking and a lot to take in when it’s a one-night only performance. There were moments when SouthSide feel herself being drawn in deeper and deeper into Lucent’s dark mystery and middle-eastern infused music that specially heightens the troupe’s dramatic sensuality from beginning to end. It stirs the soul as well as stimulates the mind, blogspot readers, even though the dance montage at the end did feel somewhat out of place after being aroused by the sights and sounds of Lucent Dossier.

Lucent Dossier Experience will be visiting Boulder, Co and Austin, TX this week, blogspot readers. If you live near and/or around this two cities, SouthSide highly suggests attending a performance’s worth the price of admission to be spellbound and amazed by the sensuality of the music and theatrics. For more information, visit

Attention, blogspot readers, there’s a “new” bag policy now being enforced by the staff of Concord Music Hall  that this reviewer feels you should be aware of. Though stating this policy has been enforced “...since whenever...” according to the security staff, there have been a few times when SouthSide wasn’t stopped from entering the venue area (located on the 3rd floor) until she attended Lucent Dossier Experience.  The “new” policy now states you have to check-in your backpacks and sling-back bags at coat check (there’s a $4 re-checking fee if you need something out of your bag after checking it in) but purses and messenger bags (this reviewer saw a few around the venue she supposes they are welcome) are allowed despite NOT having this said policy posted anywhere throughout the venue ...NOT even when first entering the Concord Music Hall while going through two sets of security checks. How are concert attendees suppose to know there’s a “new” bag policy if there aren’t any signs duly posted on the front doors and throughout the first and second floors informing them? The staff and management of Concord Music Hall should correct this situation post haste.

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