Friday, October 29, 2010

28 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, let's change your face for a worthy cause! Tonight, SouthSide joined other costumed guests who attended Project Exploration's annual "Change Your Face For Science" Masquerade event at Elbo Room. For over ten years, this non-profit education organization has been bringing science and scientists in related fields to inner city youth and girls to ensure personalized access and experiences. The programs at Project Exploration immerses the students into science which goes beyond standard classroom study ..they're doing tests/experiments and working alongside scientists out in the field. For example, this summer the All Girls Expedition featured a group of middle/high school students going to Yellowstone National Park for two weeks. This group before going had an intense week of classroom study and training in the fields of biology, chemistry and geology. Then while in Yellowstone, they spent their time doing things such as testing water samples to observing the wildlife. Other programs associated with Project Exploration include Junior Palentologists (a three-week summer experience into the world of palentology) and Dinosaur Giants (trained high school students serving as guides for the public during science exhibitions).

Recently, Project Exploration expanded into another branch of science - aviation and its science-related fields such as aero-engineering and dynamics called Mach 10. This program was designed by its new Programs Director, Christian Greer. Over the summer, this program took a group of African-American males (from the Southside and Westside) deep into the heart of the aviation field. Not only did they build and fly radio-controlled model helicopters but they also tested their flight skills on a simulator and went behind the scenes at Chicago's Air & Water show meeting Air Force pilots, etc. SouthSide spoke briefly with the new Programs Director to get a further incite in other exciting plans he has for Project Exploration. Mr. Greer stated he's revamping the programs to fit under his "new science matrix". What this entails having all of Project Exploration's programs merging together into three (3) engagement levels - Discovery, Explore and Pursue. The goal of the 1st level - Discovery - is to introduce and expose students to science; the goal of the 2nd level - Explore - is to keep them interested with more activities and programs; and the 3rd - Pursue - is to equip them with the necessary tools to pursue that science field of interest beyond Project Exploration. Mr. Greer also stated "...the three levels are designed to connect scientists with [our] youth since they both share a common trait - curiosity..." Also he's designing a youth science leadership council to put more student input at the center of Project Exploration programming. Likened to any school's student council, this leadership council will work closely with other directors by getting the students more involved in the organization as well as equipping them with workforce development and leadership skills.

The proceeds raised from advance/door ticket and raffle sales went to support Project Exploration's many programs. However this organization still needs your support, blogspot readers, visit for more information and donation details.

SouthSide would like to thank Christian Greer for spending a few moments of his time for a brief interview as well as the fine volunteers and people behind the scenes at Project Exploration for inviting this reviewer to their annual event.

Also happening downstairs at Elbo Room, The Lucas Cates Band was steaming up the stage with HOT rockin' alternative/country rock music. This band grooved the audience with plenty of energy and passionate momentum especially while adding some smokin' violin rhythms to liven up its sound. This music certainly had SouthSide's enjoying the hotness of Lucas' CD release show. She highly recommends getting your groove back with the sexy song titled Sexcerise - it will definitely light the fires in your romantic evening with its steamy lyrics and guitar riffs. Expect a full review on this band whenever and wherever The Lucas Cates Band's rockin' the stage again, blogspot readers. There's plenty of fun ...excitement and a whole lot of energy generated from this band. In the meanwhile, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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