Tuesday, October 12, 2010

07 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, have you read any good books lately? Thursday night, it was all about supporting an organization that's trying to bridge the gap on adult illiteracy. HeaveMedia sponsored a fundraising event to help aid Book Bike and its founder, Gabriel Levison, with donations at Empty Bottle. Besides given an opportunity to take home a book or two, fans were treated to music performances by Sad Brad Smith, Adam Fitz and Stephen Paul Smoker. Portion of the night's proceeds from the door cover went to Book Bike. For more info about this organization and/or how to donate, visit http://www.bookbike.org.

Though finding this band somewhat fascinating, SouthSide couldn't get passed the mesh of chaotic sound under a rockin' cloud of alternative/guitar rock. There were moments in which she had a difficult time understanding where Stephen Paul Smoker was coming or going due to the confusing guitar hooks and out of place keyboard rhythms. Hearing the lyrics above the guitar riffs was sometimes hard during a portion of this opening performance. This reviewer's not saying she didn't enjoy Stephen and the band despite never hearing them before now. SouthSide simply found the band quite too unuusual for her music enjoyment ...yet she still recommends blogspot readers to check out the eclectic music of Stephen Paul Smoker. She however liked the trippy psychedelia/space sound of Stephen's opening song as well as the "normal" number titled Sacrifice. For more information about Stephen and the band, visit http://www.stephenpaulsmoker.com or http://www.myspace.com/msavante.

Adam Fitz rocked the stage with deep emotion and raw natural falsettos coming from the heart during his Empty Bottle performance. SouthSide enjoyed the rockin' alternative sound which was performed vibrantly with lots of gusto and energy. Fans grooved to Adam's smoky style of funky R&B/Blues as well as lively classic stax guitar riffs and retro rock sound. This artist and the band kept the music very diverse and fun even while taking the tempo down to a semi-acoustic feel. The spunk and fire of Adam Fitz's songs had this reviewer dancing a bit to his rhythmic momentum that blends genres throughout the performance. It was soulful ...smokin' hot music on a cool night. For more information about Adam Fitz, visit http://www.myspace.com/adamfitz.

Closing out tonight's lineup for the Book Bike event was the rockin' Americana sound (with a touch of country-alternative mix) set by Sad Brad Smith & The Modern Limes. Not to worry, blogspot readers, the "sad" moniker doesn't begin to describe the lively, energetic sound in which Brad and the band performed for the audience. And though he did perform "sad" songs, there wasn't a depresssing ounce heard from his heartfelt vocals and music. For example, Take Me Home contained very descriptive storytelling lyrics within a rockin' downtempo beat ...lively enough for some to dance. Another example, Training For Love was a ballad which spotlighted Brad's "sad" vocals ...very emotional and heartfelt expressing personal thoughts to the someone it was specially intended. Or better yet groove to an energetic retro Americana rock sound heard in Sit Around. Way too much "sadness" for this music to sound so rockin' good to the ears, blogspot readers. For more information, visit http://www.sadbradsmith.com or http://www.myspace.com/sadbradsmithandthemodernlimes.

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