Wednesday, October 6, 2010

02 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's now time to rock! After partying at Chicago Sound Studio, SouthSide headed to Double Door for more rockin' fun. Even Saturday's drizzly weather couldn't stop fans from packing into this venue to see the hottest lineup featuring performances by Jonny Rumble, Blane Fonda and Oh My God. Plus there was plenty of remixed dance music between sets by Billy (and other DJs) at the controls.

SouthSide recommends checking out the funky yet eclectic alternative/rock style of Jonny Rumble hitting the local scene. During their opening Double Door set, fans immediately felt the energetic rhythms and vibe floating from the band's subtle tempos. There were times in which Jonny would hit them with a cool jazzy-like feel to their music or something more stylish in a pop/rock groove or a rockin' retro sound. It truly didn't matter what or how the music was coming from the stage it certainly kept this crowd deep within their swingin' rock beat. Performing songs off their JR CD, fans enjoyed the energy felt from BRZRKR, Courtney's Basement (the hot single off this album) and Handgun Blues. For more information, visit or

After that rockin' warm-up with Jonny Rumble, it was time do some serious dancing with Blane Fonda and its electric/pop rock music. This local band's sound crossed a wide range of music genres throughout this set so there's a little something for everyone to enjoy. Under the sparkling glow of the laser disco lights, Blane rocked the crowd with danceable rhythms that had the look and feel of an 80s pop/wave band. Mark (front man on vocals) was totally projecting that image to SouthSide while strutting around in his white attair and headband. This band pumped a lot of excitement and energy keeping fans within the fun momentum especially adding a lively trumpet sound to the certain songs. This reviewer recommends listening to Opportunity Rocks (a pseudo-disco number coupled with hardcore guitar riffs as Mark mingled amongst his audience in the front) as well as their ultra-suave Latin flavored song which had many doing a sultry rumba move along with the band. Blane's cover of Tear For Fears' Head Over Heels had this reviewer grooving and singing along to her favorite 80s Brit pop hit. For more information, visit or

The eccentricity of mixing poetic lyrics with eclectic rock music by Oh My God headlined tonight's lineup. SouthSide was quite surprised by this performance ...yet marvelling how melodic as well as heartfelt each was performed. She loved Billy's (front man on words and guitar) expressive but flowing body movement while animating the words for this very attentive crowd. In a nutshell, OMG rocked the Double Door stage with one unique performance art set - rarely seen from a rock band these days. This set consisted of high energy and music which kept the band's front man moving to the beat of his own drummer. This reviewer was fascinated by the unusualness as she felt each word within OMG's songs come to life through observing the way Billy expresed himself bodily and facially. Plus the rockin' instrumental vibe felt from songs such as Torture (a hot nonlyrical number in which she likened to a Mozart masterpiece) had her experiencing things that there are no words to describe because you simply had to be there to experience it yourself. Check out OMG's Bring Yourself, the animated video directed by Dan Bigelow, on YouTube. For more information, visit or

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