Wednesday, October 13, 2010

09 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide recommends rockin' to the two sides of PJ's My Cousin Too! Recently this band opened the Elbo Room's Saturday night lineup with the energetic sounds of its alternative/rock music. The first half of this performance featured a lively Americana vibe off two acoustic guitars while the other half had fiery momentum off its electric groove. The audience immediately felt that vibe as well as the dynamic power of Ryan's (PJ's front man on guitar) vocals full of falsettos and emotions pumped into the lyrics. Don't be fooled by the soft voice either (as heard in the new song For PJ), blogspot readers, this front man has a diverse vocal range in which he does get expressive on the mic. Check out his solo Tic Toc demonstrating the wow factor of his voice (without the band behind him) despite it being a quick short song.

On the flipside, SouthSide enjoyed the electric rock side of PJ that gave its alternative sound a hardcore edge. This band was more animated pumping more rockin' momentum for the audience to groove the front man was more vocal on lyrics. This reviewer liked this side to PJ better than the earlier featuring the high point of the night - Flatliners. This song truly allowed the band to show what they can do on stage and for its fans. She liked how the guitars got playful with its twittering chat to each other during the instrumental. Under the electrified side, you can say this band can get more intense than it would under the semi-acoustic music. This reviewer also suggests listening to Rooftop for its electrifying sound though having that alternative start.

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