Monday, October 18, 2010

14 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's the perfect night for an intimate performance. Tonight, Elbo Room's acoustic lounge was rocked by a special set featuring Unknown Component from Iowa. Currently on tour, this singer/songwriter was asked why use a nom de plume instead of his real name (Keith Lynch) in which he replied "...sounds boring to release under [my] real name..." This reviewer can agree with that logic wholeheartedly. This artist went on to describe his music to be uniquely different from most acoustic shows SouthSide has reviewed. He stated that it's philosophical and can get quite contemplating ...devoid of any influences by certain genres and/or bands. His songs were more original that would get the audience to think more as well as enjoying what they hear. He hoped the audience during his performance tonight get what they wanted or didn't get what they wanted. It might sound confusing, blogspot readers, but this theory did actually work.

SouthSide, throughout Unknown's first half of his acoustic performance, found herself lost within deep meditative thought while reviewing this artist. Opening with I Can't Compete, this reviewer immediately noted how the lyrics came straight from the mind and heart sans any musical genre formula. In other words, it wouldn't be fair boxing this songwriter into one set genre or style - there's none to be found, blogspot readers. Unknown's voice at times emitted a sense of emotional tension while breathing life into his lyrics especially in this opening song. Yet he did add more of an upbeat tempo which pumped more emotions not only in his words but also into his guitar riffs. However SouthSide also noticed that his vocals needed to project more raw emotions into the lyrics to set the tone and mood of each song performed. For example, while singing Under The Gun, Unknown impressed this reviewer with his raspy voice for this downtempo song (highlighting the pain and angst heard) but during Into The Sun, something was missing to compliment the fire and gusto of the acoustic guitar sound in his vocals. SouthSide simply suggests adding more umph into the vocals and lyrics in order to make the songs more believable for the audience.

SouthSide enjoyed the fast energetic twittering riffs as well as the soothing lull and heartfelt lyrics heard in the ballad, Two For Two. Unknown highly suggests checking out the video for Electric Dissolution off new album - Infinite Definite. Despite not really liking this particular song, the singer/songwriter stated it's difficult selecting the one song that people should listen because right now he's in the middle of his transition stage where he wants his music to be. SouthSide on the other hand suggests listening to his song Trial And Error for its emotionally charged and depth heard within the music as well as his cover version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door in which this singer poured a bit of himself emotionally into the music and lyrics.

So what is the real person behind Unknown Component like? Good question, blogspot readers, even Unknown doesn't know himself. He could have given SouthSide a perception of what he truly is but who's to say that's honestly him. He merely answered the question with the following "...what you see is what you get..." However this reviewer was able to stump her interviewee with her final queation in which she had to reveal a secret about herself in return. Unknown revealed he actually doesn't know what people are thinking even when they think he knows what they are thinking. And what did SouthSide reveal about herself that no one else knows (besides Unknown)? Well, she's saving that tiny tidbit for when she scripts her tell-all novel, blogspot readers.

Check out Unknown Component (aka Keith Lynch) as he tours this Autumn. For more information and where he's rockin' the stage next, visit or

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  1. Hmm...interesting interview. This artist sounds mysterious and intriguing, or at least he wants to be. I wonder if his music matches the image he portrays. We'll have to check out his page!



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