Thursday, October 28, 2010

27 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another star-studded week of fun! From now until Saturday, SouthSide will be busy rockin' the local beat with events and shows happening around town. She's on one ultimate non-party mission filled with Halloween spooks and surprises. Her first stop was at Angels & Kings to see Army of Monsters. The fun was already in full swing with DJ rockin' the club with lively remixes of popular hits from Nirvanna to Journey. Plus as a special pre-Halloween treat, Sony Music provided the crowd with promotional goodie bags for this Ryan Manno hosted show.

After a ferocious electronica whimper this local band bursted onto the stage with a rockin' BANG! SouthSide instantly felt the hard thundering rise of the guitars and synth merging together. This certainly had everyone feeling that heart-pumping vibe as heads banged to the dark electronica/rock sound. And yet this was simply Army of Monsters' opening intro. After adding haunting vocals (beautifully by Bianca), watch out, blogspot readers! She definitely captured the dark essence of Army's sound with the fire and passion heard in her voice. At times, her vocals did have the effect of being a siren's lull to the ears. Add her male counterpart on vocals (Ryan also on bass), and now there was pain and angst felt off the lyrics. However, there some difficulty hearing either on mic. It wasn't vocal power that was the problem - they both needed electrical power to be heard where SouthSide was standing (beside the DJ booth) and beyond.

This reviewer enjoyed Army's energetic momentum which kept this crowd excited during the short performance. She highly recommends listening to Back Of My Mind for its rockin' dark rock - lyrical hip hop mix. With Bianca's vocals and guest MC (sorry didn't catch his name) on lyrical verse, this wicked combination rocked not only the stage but the packed house as well. She did also enjoy the selection of cover songs which included Jay-Z's Empire State Of Mind however SouthSide wished this set's allotted time allowed more of Army's originals to be heard.

She highly suggests checking out this group of rockin' monsters ...only be afraid of their bite felt from the hardcore electronica/rock music and haunting vocals. For more information, visit Army of Monsters at or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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  1. Great review! If anyone is wondering who the MC on Back of My Mind was, his name is ChadStar Taylor. You can follow him at


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