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05 Oct 10

...ready to get a little crazy... ~ Losing Scarlet

Hey, blogspot readers, once again it's another rockin' adventure at Double Door! SouthSide's spending her Tuesday night checking out the heavy metal side of the local scene. This free showcase featured performances by Illusions Fate, Losing Scarlet, Papa Jupiter and Jack In Space with Daylight Dawns opening the lineup.

With a subtle bang, Daylight Dawns' performance was full of thundering metal guitar riffs and vibrating hardcore sound. Unfortunately SouthSide wasn't "feeling" this band's energy and rock style wafting from its music. Not saying she didn't like or enjoy Daylight's rockin' set but she had a distinct feeling something was quite missing and/or needed to enhance this show. As the band progressed deeper into their set, SouthSide noticed a couple of things which hampered Daylight's performance. There were many repetitious drum rhythms and guitar hooks giving some Daylight songs a similar sound ...their image on stage didn't generate the notion that they were a metal band ...and sometimes the front man overworked himself getting the audience excited for their heavy metal music. She does suggests the following: try "lightening" up the heaviness of Daylight's dark playlist; try letting the music "work" for the band not overworking and overselling the band into exhaustion; and try projecting an image which states "we're a metal band". Despite this reviewer's criticisms and suggustions, she knows there's potential in this young band ...over time, blogspot readers, Daylight Dawns will be a metal band making huge noise in the local scene. For more information, visit

Illusions Fate rocked out the Double Door ...better than what SouthSide saw at Reggie's Rock Club four months ago! Tonight, she saw this melodic heavy metal band evolving closer towards the band's targeted plateau of where it wants to be. Though not quite reaching that point yet, Illusions put forth an excellent effort by wowing hardcore fans with a show that had more rockin' guitar riffs and stage presence. It was good to observe Joel (front man on vocals and guitar) getting more animated during each song performed especially while singing The Dying Anthem (SouthSide's favorite). This was one intense performance, blogspot readers, that even involved melodic pseudo-ballads inside heavy guitar hooks. SouthSide hopes this trend will continue with Illusions Fate continues at their next scheduled performance. For more information, visit

It's been over a year since SouthSide last reviewed this rockin' band on stage. Losing Scarlet easily continued where Illusions Fate ended with a set that was full of fiery energy and spunk. Even though not as hardcore like Illusions, Losing rocked the stage in the female power department on vocals (by Jodi) and bass rhythms (by Petra, also on backing vocals). Whew, these women (and guys) rock, blogspot readers! Jodi fired up the audience with passion and dynamic power of her voice on lyrics in which also fueled the band's momentum. This feeling wasn't solely contained to the stage but amongst the fans especially those in the front. They were excitedly feeling that metal energy while Losing performed new song, Dick Whiskey. It's suggested checking out Losing Scarlet's October 22nd show at The Rave (WI). For more information, visit

Want to rock to a punk/lyrical rap/reggae/metal/screamo beat ...sometimes within the same song? Then SouthSide highly suggests checking out this rockin' eclectic band known as Papa Jupiter. And be prepared to get your ears rocked out by their music. They're totally wild going from one extreme to the next that this reviewer had a fun time trying to keep up with their ever changing music mood swings. For example, Jupiter's opening song started with a furious punk sound before swinging into a rhythmic reggae groove (which caught SouthSide by surprise) then BAM - rockin' the audience with lyrical screamo/rap rock fusion before returning to that funky reggae and ending in the original punk sound. Whew, what a rock high, blogspot readers! This reviewer suggests listening to Keep Running (had the audience rocking to the energetic rock/reggae mix full of wicked guitar riffs and keyboards rhythms) to familiarize your ears to Jupiter's eclectic style. For more information, visit

SouthSide capped off her rockin' adventure with a trip into the outer regions of guitar rock with Jack In Space. Coming off an exciting stint during this year's I Am Fest, this reviewer found herself liking this performance better than any other she has previously reviewed them. There was a noticeable difference between then and now - more vibrant percussive sound from Jack's new drummer. His fiery spunk and style definitely lit the sparks of energy in which sometimes was missing in this band's psychedelia guitar rock sound. This reviewer was totally vibin' to what Jack was pumping into its performance ...more intense than I AM Fest yet keeping that melodic groove. And this "new" band feel had the audience wrapped deep inside the exciting momentum especially during the brief acoustic portion of Jack's set. They had everyone enthralled by the intensity of the guitar riffs and chords twittering throughout their songs in this rockin' headlining show. The best show SouthSide has ever seen from this band. For more information, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

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