Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, rockin' fun on the Southside after Da Bears' win! SouthSide ended her busy weekend with her next On The Town adventure at Reggie's Music Joint. This popular Southside venue was the place for yummy eats (try their wings!) and music performances by Pictures Of Then (MN) and Once A Pawn (NE) with local rockers, Cat & Mouse Convention headlining.

If Pink Floyd and The Beatles ever had the chance to get married, this rockin' band from Minnesota would be their love child. And SouthSide was happy to finally getting the pleasure of reviewing Pictures Of Then and its melodic/experimetnal eclectic rock sound. This band's instrumental will expound well as expand the further regions of the imagination inside your mind with energetic tempo and guitar hooks via Pictues' epic song style. Basically that's merely just the tip of the iceberg about this band. It was a fantastical journey in which this reviewer enjoyed the catchy tunes and trippy/space rhythms off the bass. This lively trio also added some Beatles-esque rock songs which had the audience feeling that psychedelia sound. Pictures' sound was so diverse that no two songs were ever performed alike throughout this set. SouthSide highly recommends checking out this band at their next scheduled show. For more information about Pictures Of Then, visit or

There's more than wide open spaces and corn fields in Nebraska, blogspot readers. Tonight, SouthSide got a little taste of what's rockin' the local scene in Lincoln and surrounding areas from Once A Pawn's set. Currently on tour, this duo had a rockin' mix of alternative/punk featuring Eric on guitar and Catherine on drums and vocals. Don't expect this team to be passive or calm while performing on stage ...actually it's the direct opposite. Throughout this set, Eric and Catherine rocked Reggie's with plenty of fire and emotions in Pawn's music as well as lyrics. SouthSide liked the range of tempo (falling and rising crescendos ...upbeat and downtempo pace) and momentum heard in songs such as State Of Mine and Uh Oh. However this reviewer noted during the performance (in her opinion) that Catherine needed some backing vocals during certain songs like About A Girl just enought to give the lyrics more depth. SouthSide highly suggests snagging a copy of Pawn's current CD, Mission Accomplished or simply see them live at their next performance. For more information, visit or

SouthSide honestly tried her best in liking the very eclectic music and performance by Cat & Mouse Convention. However, sadly, blogspot readers, she couldn't. This all-female band had an interesting rock style featuring violin, keyboards and saxophone as well as guitars but it was difficult to hear the keyboards because the bass in the monitors was too loud. Then there was the direct opposite - the keyboards (once the bass was low) were unbearable because it was too loud. Plus it seems this band was trying to do so much that sometimes this reviewer was confused in which what type of band Cat wanted to be. She did like the haunting violin against the semi-acoustic music better than the songs in which had keyboard since the violin rhythm added more depth and meaning to the lyrics. She also noted that the usuage of a computerized drum program threw off Cat's orchestral feel to its songs. Without a live drummer with this band, the music sounded off key and out of time ...there were moments that the songs felt hurried. Yet not to worry, blogspot readers, the ladies are working hard on the task of finding a drummer. They did rock out Reggie's (with the help of Catherine from Once A Pawn on drums) with a lively Destiny's Child cover of Survivor. SouthSide see plenty of potential in this female-driven band after making some minor tweaks and work. For more information, visit Cat & Mouse Convention at http://www.catandmouseconvention.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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