Tuesday, October 12, 2010

08 Oct 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the ghostly ghouls and goblins have found a home at Elbo Room! This popular Lakeview venue got into the Halloween spirit early with its decorative attire to welcome fans through its doors. Tonight, SouthSide was there to rock with the lineup featuring Bergamot (IN) and local rockers, Lophophora.

SouthSide highly recommends checking out Bergamot while currently on their national tour. This duo acoustically rocked the Elbo Room stage with a powerful yet soulful R&B/alternative performance. This set had everything, blogspot readers, spunk ...passion ...vibrant guitar rhythms and female vocals (Jillian) which completely stole the entire show. Accompanied by Nathan (on guitar) and his deep (sometimes low) voice during certain songs, SouthSide could feel Bergamot's storytelling lyrics coming to life inside her ears while grooving to the lively music. This reviewer was totally vibin' what was wafting from the stage as she observed Jillian "owning" the sage with her expressive body language and dancing. Plus she liked how Jillian and Nathan had this natural interaction going on with each other as if he was the Yang to her Ying or vice versa especially during the song But I Do. SouthSide at times found herself lost inside the vivid imagery of Bergamot's lyrics (as found in The Traveller or Haven, title track off their upcoming album) or feeling the heartfelt tenderness of emotions (as found in Hannah or You and Me, in which SouthSide dubbed as the wedding song). Blogspot readers can check out the video for You and Me on YouTube. There were fun moments hearing about Bergamot's wild experience at a party in On The Boulevard or enjoying the sigts at Newport Bay. This duo even rocked the stage with danceable yet soulful cover versions of B.B. King's classic Stand By Me (a lively upbeat swing inside a gentle downtempo pace) and Stevie Wonder's Superstition (which rocked out their performance). For more information about Bergamot and tour dates, visit http://www.thebergamot.com or http://www.myspace.com/thebergamot.

SouthSide also highly recommends checking out the local rock band which has a little of everything woven inside its music - Lophophora. One minute, blogspot readers, this band might hit you with a lively Irish jig somewhere in its instrumental or some hardcore metal riffs in another wihout really breaking a sweat. Lophophora prides itself in giving the audience a variety show of music to rock their ears off - so don't expect to hear the same style or sound within their songs. Looking carefully at SouthSide's notes written on the set list from this performance, she got the distinct notion it was front man Anthony's secret iPod playlist or mood of the day. There's always a bit of suspense as well as surprise when it comes to Lophophora performing on stage. Tonight, they were celebrating an EP release of Right Side Up Again that included some magic and sexy ladies joining the band on stage. Kicking off the set with a rockin' Country/Bluegrass tone in Maybe Girl, this band was definitely in the party mood. Throughout this performance, fans were groovin' to vibrant rock music sometimes with an upbeat tempo and catchy guitar hooks. Plus more guitar solos to blast everyone's ears away as well as more of Anthony pouring a lot of himself emotionally and vocally into the lyrics (especially during Rattlin' Bones and Sakina). SouthSide did enjoy his slight of hand and seductive magic while performing Tragic Magic which featured some eye candy for the male audience members - a couple of sexy ladies (they also appeared during Red Hot Betty). However this reviewer suggests more dance and stage interaction practice with the band for the ladies ...she found them to be a little stiff while interacting with Anthony. SouthSide recommends listening to Freeway Mind (charismatic and sexy stage presence behind an energetic rock sound), Help Wanted (feel Anthony's raspy vocals within a deep falsetto) and Can't Stand It (hardcore guitar riffs and wicked hooks). For more information about Lophophora, visit http://www.lophophoramusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/lophophoramusic.

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