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24 Feb 12

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a "double shot" of Elbo Room! Tonight, SouthSide returns again to get a rockin' jump start to her weekend with long time friend, Alaya Conscious along with other bands - Artists vs Athletes and Chicago Thrash Ensemble. Though missing part of Artists vs Athletes' premiere performance, this reviewer recommends checking out this up-n-coming rock act for the band's emotionally charged yet intense melodic rock sound and vocals in which rocked the stage. She liked how each member of this quintet group poured spontaneous energy and momentum into each song performed even while projecting a subtle downtempo rhythm at times. You could literally feel the instrumental vibrations i.e. from the guitar riffs to drum precussion (especially during the closing song) rockin' your soul. SouthSide was impressed by the emotional angst vocal style that accompanied Artists' lyrics popping the words to life ...indeed feeling the emotional sentiments not just simply hearing them. Blogspot readers should expect a full review on this band in the near future. For more information, visit Artists vs Athletes at

SouthSide wishes she could recommend checking out the headbanging thrash/metal sounds of Chicago Thrash Ensemble, blogspot readers, despite enjoying the hardcore rock this lively group presented to the crowded basement lounge. This reviewer did like the thundering riffs and highly charged energy off the drums yet she couldn't fully get into the band's front man. Though liking his emotional angst in the voice, she couldn't actually feel that ram primal sound whenever he popped the words to life the flannel attire wasn't really helping to promote the band's metal/thrash image when everyone else was wearing t-shirts. And judging by some of the crowd's reaction to Ensemble, not many heads were banging to the harsh music but it did spark a few brief moments of moshing and slam dancing near the front of the stage, blogspot readers. SouthSide does recommend rockin' your head to the song about being f-upped by the shrooms while at the Morton Arboretum. SouthSide does recommend that band work on keeping that energy and momentum going between songs - the long breaks in between did help lose the crowd a little thus somewhat slowing down the set. Also, suggests working on ending the performance better than abruptly ending it which in turn left the room confused and cheated out of a huge finish. Finally - the switching the band name (from Contact High to Alaya Conscious) throughout the set - not really funny. It may not be SouthSide's rockin' kind of band however she knows there are fans who would be interested in Chicago Thrash Ensemble. For more information, visit this band at

ER 4

Long time friend, Alaya Conscious, got down to the immediate business of rockin' out this crowded basement lounge by pumping melodic yet intense guitar rock music. SouthSide enjoyed how the musicians incorporated wicked aria-like instrumental sound within the bridges to literally soak the ears (as well as soul) into each vibrating rhythm and note immersed into each song. Coupled with Elbo Room's lighting fx, this truly enhanced the crowd's Alaya experience doublefold, blogspot readers, especially during the band's opening song - the intense sound and lighting ran in sync with the pulsating vibe of this melodic yet very energized tune. Besides wowing their fans with Screaming Still (another example of how Alaya combines the melodic sound with intense energy and poetic lyrics projected wonderfully together within both music and vocals), the band introduced new song - Thrones (title track, maybe, off upcoming new album). Immediately this reviewer felt the fiery spite, blogspot readers, laid deep within guitar's riff intro ...this truly captured the audience's attentive ears. The music during this particular song absolutely highlighted the powerful falsetto vocal style by front man Evan (also on guitar) while amidst the thunderous riffs and percussion. This was one song in which SouthSide highly recommends enjoying the Alaya energy and momentum while banging the head to the music. Throughout Alaya's headlining set, the crowd was treated to intense yet soulful sparks of fiery sound and rhythms ...lyrics containing heartfelt floetry and emotions (check out the song Grace) amongst the twitterpating guitar riffs and energy that left the crowd wanting more by this band. Sadly, blogspot readers, The Alaya Conscious did leave everyone hanging until their next show scheduled for March 3rd at Brauerhouse (located in Lombard).

ER 5

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