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15 Mar 12 - Losing Scarlet

Hey, blogspot readers, who's ready to get their metal on? SouthSide was on Thursday night. And she did at Double Door as part of the venue's block of free shows during the St. Patrick's Day weekend. The lineup featured thrilling electric guitar riffs, thunderous head-banging drums and intense music performances by friends - Losing Scarlet, Denial Machine and Skinwalker. These hot rockin' bands on the rise within Chicago's vibrant metal scene opened for headliner - El Diablo (http://www.facebook.com/Eldiablomusic). Besides reviewing the heart-pounding, fist pumping action from her secret perch inside Double Door, SouthSide spent a few moments chatting one-on-one with Jodi, lead vocalist of Losing Scarlet for an exclussive peek inside this local band and its music.

"...Pat Benetar [after having] sex with Sevendust had a baby named Scarlet..." was how Jodi described her band Losing Scarlet as part of SouthSide's quick chat with the vocalist. The band, blogspot readers, literally grew into their name specifically wanting "Scarlet" as a part of it ...the "Losing" according to Jodi meant "...losing any kind of innocence ...overcoming fears and taking chances ...fighting ...sticking together..." Over the years, this reviewer has watched this metal band develop and grow musically "...taking [those] chances..." that no one else would dare thus becoming a rising force amongst Chicago's local scene. And believe SouthSide, it truly has shown what this band accomplished so far. Currently working on their third CD, Jodi and the guys (Scott - guitar, Shawn - drums, and Petra - bass) kicked off the lineup by rockin' the stage and metal enthusisiasts with electrifying riffs, thrilling metal sound and dynamic female vocals that kick some serious arse, fellas. SouthSide enjoyed Losing's brand of mixing energizing momentum packed within each song and powerfully dynamic voice to soulfully emit angst and fiery spirit inside the lyrics. Jodi did admit to SouthSide during the interview that she might be a little bipolar when it comes to Losing's lyrcial and creative process. According to her, she mindfucks on lyrics yet it's all about the band's "...true love for the music ...the passion for what they put into it..."

There's defintiely a strong presence of true love and passion in which Losing is known for not just here locally in Chicago but elsewhere in the Midwest region where they have once performed in front of a crowd of 5,000 (at Eagles Ballroom). For instance, Losing's new songs All Guns Blazin' (summing up what Losing Scarlet has gone through over the years) and Off With Your Head according to Jodi showed the Double Door metalheads that they (Losing Scarlet) meant business, blogspot readers. "...[we're] not messing around ...[have] matured as artists [by] gelling together and taking the stage by the balls..." Hearing those two particular songs live was a fierce intense experience. This reviewer enjoyed the excitable energy immediately felt within All Guns Blazin' intro that's wonderfully coupled to Jodi's soulful yet bitchy raw vocals especially during the chorus. This song packed solid hardcore rock punches amidst gritty guitar riffs and metal sound ...certainly the next Losing Scarlet hit. On the flipside, Off With Your Head took a downtempo route yet retained that metal-tastic rock sound as well as Jodi's angst and fiesty "I'm going to kick your arse" spirit though not as soulfully bitchy compared to All Guns Blazin'. After having opened for natiocal acts like Five Finger Death Punch, Alter Bridge, Godsmack and many more (Jodi sincerely apologizes if she missed anyone), you might she's a little nervous rockin' the stage. Well, that's not the case, blogspot readers - she's more relaxed with that "at home" feeling on stage that off ...believe it or not, this lead vocalist is shy. Before ending the interview, SouthSide for fun asked Jodi, if she had any parting words and/or advice for ex-IL governor Rod Blagojevich (who entered federal prison earlier that afternoon to serve his 14 year sentence). Despite not "doing" politics, she only had one thing to say "...don't drop the soap..."

SouthSide highly recommends checking out her friend Losing Scarlet at the band's next show but in the meantime, visit http://www.losingscarlet.com or their Myspace and Facebook pages for more information and music.

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