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09 Mar 12

Hey, blogspot readers, let's get physical-ly fit with this local band! And you don't need a gym membership either. Tonight, at Elbo Room, SouthSide joined many other "fitness enthusists" fans to see her friend Workout Music exercise the stage with fun, music and confetti. LOTS and lots of confetti. Also included in this intense music workout was Trash The Dress and The Apollo Effect (from Toronto, Canada).

Though missing Trash's performance, SouthSide did sample a little of Apollo's set and as much as she tried, she couldn't honestly enjoy it. Not saying the band's music wasn't vibrantly bursting at the seams within its intense rock sound but that would depend on which genre Apollo was performing while on stage. One minute this band had a Depeche Mode/The Cure soung before rockin' the stage as a Rascal Flatts country/rock band. Seriously, blogspot readers, all of this cross-genre jumping back and forth during the time this reviewer saw them left her feeling confused. Were they a metal/rock or country/rock band? Who knows ...the stage presentation (front man included) didn't help sell The Apollo Effect to SouthSide. For more information about this band, visit


Workout Music - this band will make you sweat by dancing to their rockin' music, blogspot readers. And when a Workout set is done, you'll be drenched in confetti-ed sweat wanting more. That's what happened tonight at Elbo Room as her good friend rocked out the lineup with fun pop/rock sound amidst a flurry of colored paper everywhere. It may have been solely paper confetti this time show - who knows what magical fun props this band will pull out of their hat. After opening with a soulful rendition of Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You (best heard thus far), Workout quickly had this packed basement lounge sweatin' to some new WOM oldies. Performing songs off Dance.Sweat.Rock., this zany local band didn't allow minor technical difficulties noisly interrupting the beginning of the set to ruin everyone's fun time. This crowd was ready to do more than just "workout" to their favorite song ...they were in a party mood. From Big Booty Jeans and Aint My Jeans to Drop Them Drawers (there's a raunchy theme going on here in case you haven't noticed), WOM fans were getting physical-ly fit to the band's high intensity and octane rock sound which fueled each member to turn up the momentum even more. SouthSide liked how WOM jazzercised each performance with energy from start to finish, blogspot readers. The music's designed not for you to stand around but to snag your entire body into the catchy pop hooks, rockin' pep and nonstop action like when WOM performed Don't Stop Now and Sounds Like Church. SouthSide highly recommends donning your best sweat gear and getting physical-ly fit with her friend Workout Music at a "gym" near you this 2012. For more information, visit


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