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16 Mar 12

Hey, blogspot readers, there's a psychedelic vibe flowin' within this Irish celebration on Friday night. This On The Town adventure had SouthSide wearin' the green as she kicked off her long St. Paddy's weekend of music and fun at Elbo Room. She along with other prominent members of Chicago's local scene was on tap to officially welcome We Killed The Lion to the music family. So many bands represented under one roof there could have been a once-in-a-lifetime jam session on stage after the show. Also included on the lineup besides WKTL was other opening bands Foolish and Brothers Kung for headliner Luring Thieves.


SouthSide highly recommends checking out her friend We Killed The Lion for their groovi-licious, mind bending trip through modern psychedelia rock. Though minus the fun swirling neon lights and dazzling lava lamps in the background, this rockin' trio lit up the stage with a hot blast of vibrant electro riffs having the tendency of being calm one minute then intense the next (or sometimes both at the same time) and thunderous percussion drumming that had continuous psychedelic combination created unique rhythms to thrill and chill ...soothing melodic grooves intricately woven inside Lion's instrumental bridges and hard hitting rock sound to leave you breathless. Also SouthSide noted the way the band would cross genre within its base psychedelia music such as punk (as heard in the song Joan Jett) as well as inspire the mind with lyrical poetry (as heard in the song 7 Circles). Picking a song or two to suggest as recommended listening while acquainting yourself with We Killed The Lion was met with some difficulty, blogspot readers, since each song during this debut had its own way of engaging the audience into the energizing momentum. However, she did find a few noteworthy gems in which you can feel the psychedelic groove of what this band is vibin'. Listen to Backdown for its hot spitfire tempo which accompanied the rockin' electro riffs (loved the Frampton-like guitar whine) thrilling everyone to the bone until the last note; then, journey through Lion's Blackhole where Brian (front man and guitarist) projected a varying vocal range almost deept and grunge-like in a Kurt Cobain voice) while effectively conveying the one of the lyrics; feel the lull of Somnia amidst the wicked guitar work featuring some harsh riffs at the bridge while being devoid of any psychededlia energy; and check out The Starship and To The Sky together for one incredible trip through the electrifying groove of trippy psychedelia. Grab a free CD (and condoms - just in case of doing you know what after the show, blogspot readers) featuring songs - Joan Jett, Backdown and The Scene. For more information, visit We Killed The Lion at

LT 1 LT 4

Continuing tonight's psychedelia theme, this headlining trio rocked the late night audience to music from the other side of the spectrum, blogspot readers. Friend Luring Thieves wowed with another stunning performance full of instrumental compositions that featured more energizing sounds of thrilling electro guitar riffs and intense percuession drumming. This reviewer once again enoyed how each Luring member passionately a piece of themselves while performing on stage in which you could instantly feel the flowing vibrations of the strings strummed or the thunderous clash of the cymbals wafting around the basement. That's how intense this band's epic pieces were. Yet that's probably the main reason why Luring Thieves' songs contain no verbal or vocal lyrics. No human voice could match what was being played but still one could vaguely hear the soulful emotions intricately vibing through the guitar chords and drumming thus creating Luring's momentous high of rock sound when combined together at the right moment. At times, the "voice" (ie music) had a vibrant groove where Luring would play within an energizing rock sound meanwhile in others, the psychedelia took over immersing the audience into long trippy movement amongst the neon stage lighting. SouthSide liked how both bands were paired together back to back for tonight's Elbo Room lineup. Those who stayed for both sets really experienced completely two different sides of the same music genre for two solid hours. For more information, visit Luring Thieves at

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