Saturday, March 24, 2012

22 Mar 12

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide got a little funky to kick off her weekend! This On The Town adventure brought the roving local scene queen back to Lakeview's hippiest music venue, Elbo Room for a battle of the bands. Local bands were competing for the chance to join a lineup of others at the Whippersnap Music & Arts Festival rockin' Stonehouse Park (located in Earlville, IL) happening in July. The Whippersnap Music & Arts Festival is three (3) days of music featuring over 50 acts on 3 stages, family camping and fun. This year's fest will also include a pre-party, an illuminated forest, craft beers made available at the Main stage and Party Barn (must be 21+), late night movies and more. For more informatin about this summer festival, visit

Among the four competing tonight was SouthSide's friend Digeometric who not only electrified but funkified the basement lounge amidst its intense rock fusion of soul/R&B/psychedelia. This band's spontaneous flow of energy felt throughout had many instantly groovin' to the pulsating melodic beat within the many intricate and intertwining rhythms going at so many different directions yet always on the same accord. At times there was a boisterous blast of music vibrating across the stage meanwhile in others the hot horn section provided the energizing spark of Digeometric's instrumental pieces to counter the cool guitar riffs for that trippy psychedelia feel. What SouthSide saw in this band was the local version of 70s funk masters Parliament and Earth, Wind and Fire combined especially the way they would rock the stage with one fiery hot jam after another. For instance, blogspot readers, Digeometric had many feeling that ska-funk fusion with its dreamy island breeze before suddenly upping the funk sound with some guitar-led Stax rhythms giving the lounge a soulful vibe to groove amidst a dizzy height of crescendos. During that particular song, the band took everyone higher until ending our psychedlic trip with a rockin' landing. Or how about a little electric rock to get the blood cuddling as the horn section spicing up the energy in another epic instrumental piece before taking both energy and music down to a cool jazzy breeze ...SouthSide loved the poetic floetry and subtle excitement wavering within the melodic vibe. This reviewer highly recommends getting your funikied rock groove on at Digeometric's next performance but in the meantime, visit Digeometric at and listen to songs WuDawg and Pseudo.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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