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19 Mar 12

Well, blogspot readers, all good times must come to a rockin' end (for now). And it did on Monday night when SouthSide's St. Paddy's day weekend concluded at Double Door. There, she attended an extra special rock show (featuring live video streaming for the online audience) that included quirky tunes amidst a catchy pop/rock sound by The Family Dynamic and a whacky mix of off Broadway stage theatric/vaudeville like feel within a lively whimsical pop sound by Elvis Bride. This reviewer highly suggests checking out the instrumental guitarist extraordinaire Rob Scallon for his amazing display of intricate fingerwork amidst the selection of passionately intense strummed compositions. During his set, Rob electrified the stage with such emotional depth and fierce tone that SouthSide felt the music come to life under a soulful, breathtaking sound while being mesmerized by the soothing tempo. Within this artist's fingerwork intensity (especially along the guitar neck), one could hear the beautiful lyrics sung whenever he combined the intricate melodies and rhythms to harmonize as one voice. Visit Rob Scallon's Facebook page - Rob ScallonMusic - for more information and music.

F W 2

Rob along with The Family Dynamic and Elvis Bride were the opening acts for headlining band, French Wives (from Glasgow, Scotland) who recently made an appearance at SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX. The Scots conquered the Double Door and its audience with a vibrant pop/rock sound that featured energizing momentum (especially the violin when used as a guitar), catchy hooks and dynamic vocal falsettos. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the way French's music instantly sprung to life from its distinct intense yet dramatic presence during any song's intro (for example listen to Numbers) in which the sound grabbed your immediate attention. Plus, if listen closely, blogspot readers, you might here the lively Scottish folk rhythms intricately woven around the band's rock base sound. This truly helped sparked the lively feel to the tempo within French's catchy hooks even while in a downtempo groove which wonderfully immersed the ears to their blended pop/rock tone. The combination help spotlight the dynamic vocal falsettos as heard in the opening song The Second when he sololy led the song full of raw heartfelt emotions before the rest of the band gradually joined in. SouthSide's heart was racing from the soft crescendo rise then - POW - a sudden vibrant burst that upped the tempo and sound into something poppy. It was the same explosive burst of emotions and energy felt during Numbers when his voice and music combined was definitely intense but not so much to lose their lively pop sound. This reviewer also suggests listening to the beautfiul acapella trio of harmonizing voices that lit up the stage when performing their hit song (sorry SouthSide missed the name of the title) and Sleep Tight before closing their Chicago debut with Younger (check out it on You Tube). French Wives will be releasing a new EP Dream of the Inbetween in May but in the meantime visit them at or for more information and music.

F W 4

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