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10 Mar 12

"...good to be back in a real city..." ~ The Grownup Noise

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a special pre-SXSW show in Chicago! Tonight, SouthSide's spending a rare Sunday On The Town adventure at Darkroom to welcome back her friend from Boston, MA - The Grownup Noise. This band was performing a one-night Chicago only show as part of their journey to Austin's SXSW 2012 and other cities along the way ...touring the east coast with Golden Boy (featuring Shon Sullivan-guitarist for Elliot Smith and Neil Finn of Crowded House).

Opening tonight's lineup was Indiana's own Holas (pronounced OH-LAHZ) in which this reviewer found the band's rock sound quite interesting amidst a dramatic yet haunting electric riffs and powerful vocal falsetto. She enjoyed the thundering percussion that created a heart-pounding rush throughout this trio's performance. Holas was big on giving the audience a vibrant variety of music ranging from an upbeat hardcore metal to alt/rock full of imagery and symbolism wrapped inside the lyrical poetry of the words. SouthSide suggests listening to the The Glacial Anthem (one part intense rock music mixed with one part dramatic vocals equaling one awesome epic song) and Blown Speakers (off their Mecca Lecca compliation CD - Magical Mixed Tape). Also check out The Glacial Meltdown (remix) and a live version of the Glacial Flight Song - both featured on their free CD - Holas + Chicago Skyway. Also snag a copy of the Mecca Lecca compliation CD in which features tracks by Unicycle Loves You, Howth, Right On Dynamite and more. Visit for more information and music and

Tonight's The Grownup Noise Chicago performance was a little different from their original premiere a while back at Elbo Room. This time, the group performed a semi-acoustic act without their drummer, Aine ...yet the question of the night - could they pull it off? Well, not to worry, blogspot readers and Noise fans back in Boston, they rocked the stage with such intensity and vibrant sound of music which helped Paul's (front man on vocals and guitar) vocals to dynamically pop the lyrics to life. There was more vivid heartfelt expression within his voice that made the lyrics seem so realistic and emotional even while in a downtempo folk/alternative sound during the song Try This Again. Though the intense keyboard rhythms was a little overpowerving at times while performing Artist Type and Astronomy As Therapy, Grownup still entertained the audience with catchy guitar hooks, feel good melodies and harmonizing vocals. The pockets of the band's intense rock sound came with the instrumental bridges which allowed the ears to soak amongst the flow of the music simple and pure that lively tunes such as Astronomy As Therapy and Carnival were a treasure to enjoy. The banjo and dual synth/keyboard rhythms offered the audience a uniquely different elctro folk vibe in which held the many ears captive amidst the tender sentiments until the very end. Yes, blogspot readers, the drummer was missed however The Grownup Noise did prevail by re-inventing itself (a little) by creating intense music and energizing momentum to highlight Paul's vocal style. For more information about this band, visit

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