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01 Mar 12

The Handcuffs 3

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's marchin' back to Reggie's Rock Club! She returned to this rockin' southside venue to join other fans in seeing the legendary punk rockers and pioneers Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids) and Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers) featuring Blondie's Clem Burke on drums and Mitch on bass. Opening for these legends of rock-n-roll history was Chicago's own local legends, The Handcuffs. SouthSide highly recommends catching this rockin' punk/glam act their next scheduled show which consisted of a bit of Brit pop amidst a lively electric and keyboard rhythms. She enjoyed the band's witty yet simplistic lyrical style while groovin' to the flowing energy and momentum that kept many (especially those closest to the stage) within that vibrant vibe song after song. Perfoming songs off new album - Wating For The Robot, The Handcuffs dedicated their set in memory of The Monkee's Davy Jones ..."...the most punk rocker of them all..." according to lead vocalist/guitarist Choloe. This reviewer had a fun time listening to songs like I Just Wanna Be Free Man, Gotta Problem With Me (which required some audience participation when she sang " gotta problem with me...") and Electroluv. SouthSide also says watch the drummer, Brad, in the back - he's quite a character while performing with the band. For more information, visit

Glen Matlock 4

SouthSide had a thrilling rush, blogspot readers, when Glen Matlock stepped onto the stage as she prepared to relive great memories with this legendary punk guitarist. And she wasn't the only one ready to rock, so were the many cross-generational age range of fans who packed the venue for this show. It was totally awesome to hear such timeless songs like God Save The Queen, Ambition, White Knuckle Riot, Yeah Right and more during his hour-long performance. Glen kept the crowd in a frantic frenzy especially during God Save The Queen (SouthSide's first introduction to Sex Pistols) and Yeah Right but did display some powerful falsetto vocals for Ambition amidst a blues riff. As a fitting tribute to his friend, Davy Jones, Glen and the band performed a punk version of The Monkees' I'm Not Your Stepping Stone ...another time in which many in the crowd were in a complete dancing frenzy.

Hugh Cornwell 3

Meanwhile during the Hugh Cornwell performance, this legend rocked the stage with a combination of his hits which included a rare blues break featuring his deep vocal style, blogspot readers. Compared to Glen's performance, SouthSide enjoyed the switch of hardcore rock for twitterpating Brit-blues driven melodies and riffs. Plus the crowd was treated to extended instrumental bridges to truly immersed their ears into Hugh's pulsating yet intense rock sound. Performing a couple of Aussie songs and one about Berlin, this reviewer was moved by the song titled Guilty that featured a thundering drum intro while encompassing a groovy dance vibe. There were moments during this portion of the show when the bass was somewhat overpowering off the monitors but it didn't take away from Hugh's blues sound and electric riffs.

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