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30 Jul 10

~ Welcome to the dark side ~

Hey, blogspot readers, abandon all hope if ye dare to enter this dungeon! SouthSide's hanging out amongst the walking "dead" at the Dead 4 Life Tour featuring Mars, 2NSANE, and Kung Fu Vampire along with local party schoolboys and gals of The Prep School Tragedy. They as well as a lineup that included Lil Sicc & Intrekit, Liquid Assassin and Damienz Dezign were ready to rock the Bottom Lounge stage. Though this reviewer wasn't hip on the hiphop/rap sound, she did like the zombified theme happening throughout most of the acts performing tonight.

Despite constant technical difficulties (due to the audio player), opening acts 2NSANE, Damienz Dezign and Lil Sicc & Intrekit (sorry missed the name of the 1st group that performed on stage) rocked the audience with mad rhymes and crazy beats. 2NSANE ( had a strong performance that kept within the dark sinister theme of the night. SouthSide enjoyed the live drum percussion rhythm that gave this group's music a touch of the rock sound than a pop feel. Besides the energy and momentum, some of 2NSANE'S songs did have a message or life lesson such as no one's going to help you when things fall apart. Then there was the lively Damienz Dezign ( or who had the coolest intro of the night. It nearly had Southside scared out of her seat while enjoying the demonic and wicked sound of fast lyrical hiphop floetry. Death and destruction reigned supreme with this music duo with their angst/frustration heard in lyrics like "...murder is my Alpha Omega..." or "...religion isn't much to save ya..." Though not dark in nature, Lil Sicc & Intrekit's set was met technical problems in which they had to re-start the one particular song three times. This performance somewhat bored SouthSide with their constant fascination of smoking weed despite liking their sick beats. Fans of Lil Sicc & Intrekit should be on the look out for their new mix tape coming soon. Check out for more details.

Meanwhile, The Prep School Tragedy faculty shocked this reviewer by not performing in their zombified face paint. Now that was very creepy, blogspot readers! Yet this performance still had the same energy and momentum as their recent Cubby Bear show a month ago. Performing songs such as Be My Abortion and Step Into The Night (with more testosterone), this lively crunk/rock (and everything else in between) group showered the kiddies with black balloons, confetti and candy sweets while the TPST cheerleaders kept everyone rockin' to the music. Despite this being a short set, it still had all of the fun and excitement of a regular show. SouthSide highly recommends heading back to class with this band on Aug 4 at the Darkroom. Visit the faculty and staff of The Prep School Tragedy at for more details.

With a name like Liquid Assassin, blogspot readers can expect this artist not to be a very "nice" guy especially since he's not shooting blanks with his hiphop floetry. Not only did this artist pump momentum into the Bottom Lounge audience but also had them going mad over his vibrant music. Liquid's songs flowed from one to the next without any delay or losing the vibe felt from the stage until he closed with an acoustically done song. Check out for more information about this artist. Then it was Mars turn to rock down the stage in his zombified face paint. Though not as lyrically fast as Liquid, this artist brought more of a versatile style and rhythmic method to his performance. What SouthSide liked about Mars was that he did more than hiphop/rap - he impressed her with his amazing vocal abilities. Meanwhile a vampire closed out this rockin' hiphop/rap show with headless (female) mannequins decorating the stage. Kung Fu Vampire had SouthSide liking his combination of dark vampyre rock/lyrical rap full of trippy space rhythms off the double piano/keyboards (think Bernie Worrell, founder of the P-Funk sound rockin' the stage with Kung Fu). Music like that thoroughly appealed to this reviewer's rock side as heard in songs such as Dead Girls Don't Say No (his favorite type of women) and Wicked Clowns (not a song for those who are afraid of the red rubber-nosed things). Yet she also loved Kung Fu's switch to something more funky in a jazz/R&B sound which worked wonderfully for his lyrical style. It's fair to say this group did have the right elements like Rage Against The Machine within their music but nowhere did they even try to imitate them. Be prepared to party all night long with Kung Fu Vampire - he does a mean vampiric robot dance, ladies. For more information and tour dates, visit or

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