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15 Jul 10

...there's a golden moment between speaking and thinking...

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide touched the hand of God. That's how she would accurately describe her profound experience ...a cosmic journey across the solar universe with Sky White Tiger. On Thursday night, this reviewer had the extreme pleasure of attending their double Adler After Dark performances at the Adler Planetarium. Both performances featured the famous Adler Sky Show as well as visual constellation designs by A.J. Epstein inside the Adler Sky Theatre. Both starry combinations truly brought the symphonic/rock music of Sky White Tiger to life. Plus for SouthSide, this was the most unique venue ever to review a rock performance.

Compared to yesterday's Reckless Records performance, SouthSide was completely blown away by the cosmic spectacle of music and visual art. There was more to be awe-struck over with the stars and constellations above her head while listening to Sky White Tiger and vice versa. This reviewer enjoyed the featured constellations which appeared at the beginning of each SWT song. It aided by giving the audience an idea of what the song was about. For example, for Miles To Go, the constellation featured a man holding a portrait of a road that seemed endless. Or for their cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street, it was a woman inside a china tea cup while Returning The Shard had a starry scene consisting of two open palms with a shard of glass in the middle. Besides the starry glow of the universe above, the band itself was aglow with their own constellations projected against their all-white clothing. This also gave the performance a psychedelic atmosphere as trippy neon colors or meteor showers bounced off them during certain songs.

Both SWT performances featured music in which orchestral movements were created for the celestial darkness. It inspired all of SouthSide's sensory imagination to come forth while "feeling" this band's symphonic/rock vibe. The audience took an incredible ride between reality and fantasy that had this euphoric high before SWT sent everyone back to earth in the end. Each set opened with an ambient crescendo (which SouthSide dubbed as the call of the Sky White Tiger) to prepare everyone for their fantastical journey of music. Fans will enjoy the bursts of energy felt in their music and sound. During certain songs, the music was filled with electronic rhythms while in others, Louis and the band had this rockin' alternative/pop/psychedelic groove happening. It would be a fair comparison if viewing SWT's genre/style of music to Pink Floyd's however this music had more depth while tapping deeply in other genres and influences. SouthSide highly suggests listening to SWT's version of Time to familiarize yourself with this band. Though nothing like Pink Floyd's song, this song still retains the same concept that time is fleeting and always momentary. She also suggests listening to Twisted Trail and Fantasy Man. The highlight of both performances came when Louis did a spoken word poetry about the Sky White Tiger which had the enter Sky Theatre aglow with all of the pictured constellations as well as the Sky White Tiger constellation.

This reviewer highly recommends journeying across the solar universe with this band at their next performance. Hopefully Sky White Tiger can return soon for another fantastical adventure during a future Adler After Dark date. For dates and places where this amazing band is performing again, visit www.skywhitetiger.com or www.myspace.com/skywhitetiger.

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