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23 Jul 10

Hey, blogspot readers, time for another duel to the "death"! There were many vying for that last remaining spots for this year's rock-studded I AM Fest. Now the competition was down to the top five! The stage was set for one tough ...fierce battle of the bands lineup that SouthSide has ever seen or reviewed. She spent the entire week sizing up each of the contestants before tonight's showdown. Who will come out on top? Only this reviewer will tell the end of this review.

The good Dr. Kevorkian and The Volunteers kicked off the competition with its performance of shredder/hardcore rock ...or was it a bit of modern jazz coupled with an electric rock sound? Who knows exactly because that's what SouthSide liked about this band, blogsot readers. Dr. K had a versatile and energetic style which kept the audience rockin' to their momentum. Opening with Roger O'Malley, other songs performed included New Disco (vibin' to the psychedelic/electric disco groove), Bob The Bodysurfer (wonder if he's related to Bob The Builder) and Shoobeedoowop (Dr. K's lively version of rock doo-wop with hot sax rhythms). This reviewer also enjoyed the Dr's instrumentally-driven songs that thrilled the ears with wild guitar riffs and sudden chord changes as heard in Metal and Interlude. The highlight of the performance was their smokin' hot cover of Jimi Hendrix's Fire. They certainly "murdered" this one rock classic with enthusiasm and rockin' passion. For more information, visit

It's been a very long time since reviewing The Alaya Conscious on stage. However, once again this rockin' experimental-based band had a couple of new surprises awaiting SouthSide during this performance. First surprise was their rock sound. It was darker ...harder ...and full of more energetic music ...plenty of riffs and chord changes to bang your head to Alaya's epic-sounding rock. This music made you feel (not just hearing) each pounding riff and rhythm. The second surprise was the vocals (by Evan on guitar) within a few of this band's songs. This totally caught SouthSide off guard, blogspot readers. She never knew Evan could sing besides amazing her with his thrilling guitar-instrumental masterpieces. That's what Alaya is known for ...its Pink Floyd-esque inspired songs will take you to one end and back of the music spectrum. Yet adding vocals, now this band had the audience hearing the angst/frustration. Hearing the words behind the music certainly brought more energy and head-banging metal momentum to rock the stage. For more information, visit

Eureka, IL (not to be confused with the SyFy series) was well-represented by the duo known as The Bob Clymers. And, blogspot readers, they rocked down the Elbo Room with their country/blues performance. The female vocalist not only impressed this reviewer with her bluesy vocals but also with her awesome guitar skills. The other half of Bob thrilled the audience with his rockin' drumming on the kit in the back. Fans will enjoy how this duo brought fire and energetic momentum to the stage via their songs. One minute they had everyone banging their heads to its hardcore sound and suddenly the next feeling the sweet lullaby tone. Sometimes the chord changes were happening so fast that you didn't know what hit you until the song was over. Bob even had the audience's toes tappin' to their rockin' ho-down sound as well as grunting their frustrations away in The Grunt Song. For more information, visit

SouthSide heard about Sutured Psyche from word of mouth as well as checking out their music online. However it wasn't this band's head banging guitar rock that impressed her. No, it was the front man's vocals that had this reviewer melting from his deep voice full of angst/frustration off the lyrics. Plus the evil laugh after certain songs sent wild chills down her spine too. Though that type of vocal style might seem out of place due to Sutured's sound, it totally fueled its rock momentum, blogspot readers. Yet, let's not forget the manly hardcore rock which kept the audience rockin' to thunderous guitar sound and epic-sounding intros to get that blood boiling inside you. But towards the close of the set, SouthSide was expecting more BANG with Sutured's core sound. Also there was minor distortion off the monitors that somewhat hampered this performance. Still the show went onward as songs Invocation, Luck Of The Draw and Trickster were performed. For more information, visit or

Though slightly disappointed with their last show two months ago, SouthSide noticed a HUGE difference with Sonic Pistol's headlining set tonight, blogspot readers. She noticed more rockin' energy vibin' from the band to the audience and vice versa that created more excitement throughout their show. Also Kurt (front man on vocals) added more body language as well as emotions to truly depict the mood and feel of Sonic's songs such as 9 Miles, Disappear and Ambitions. And it wasn't just Kurt creating more fan momentum. It included Peter (on guitar) rockin' the stage in his (Superman) briefs and Dominic's smokin' drum solo to pump up the second half of Sonic's set. That's how hot this performance at the Elbo Room while wowing this reviewer with plenty of head-banging guitar riffs. Now this was the Sonic Pistol SouthSide was expecting a couple of months ago! All the umph and BANG she could handle from this band start to finish. For more information, visit

Well, blogspot readers, it was a tough I AM Fest Battle of the Band Finale. There were no losers in this competition - everyone was a winner! The two bands that will be performing at the House of Blues on August 28 will be The Bob Clymers (2nd place) and The Alaya Conscious (1st place) along with Digital Mindy, Ryan Powers, Bambi Raptor and host of many others rockin' the stage.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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