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09 Jul 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the kids have seized control of this On The Town review ...again! On Friday, SouthSide was accompanied with the test audience (Vyolet and Sunday) for a rockin' all-ages show at Lincoln Hall. This popular off-shoot of Schuba's welcomed the younger listener crowd to see three of the hottest and rising local bands in the music scene. The lineup featured performances by Riot Inside and A Friend Called Fire with Makeshift Prodigy headlining. The "audience" did like the venue however for Vyolet it was too stuffy (not enough AC felt in the stage area)that she had to leave the show early due to a migraine headache ...plus the bar crowd was quite intimidating for eight year old Sunday (especially since she had to get her soda from the main bar area). Hopefully the next all-ages show, Lincoln Hall would consider having the non-alcoholic stuff at the bar inside the stage area instead having to get it from the main lounge.

Though liking Riot Inside for its energetic rock style and sound, this reviewer was a little dismayed at this Lincoln Hall performance. It was a good set but the song list was exactly the same as their MOB Fest appearance at the Elbo Room. However, according to Gary, the charismatic front man of Riot, this was done for new fans in the audience to get them familiarized with the rockin' guitar sound and music (which at times can cause their fans to riot along with the band). Performing songs such as Wicked Games, Follow Me, and Satisfy, the audience enjoyed dancing along to the new track Sex On Sunday. Yet, Vyolet says "...Riot Inside really didn't capture my attention [throughout their performance] except Castro's drum solo..." Sunday says "...they were cool..." but like her sister, there were moments when the performance was too intense for her little ears despite hoping Gary would toss out his cane. Overall, blogspot readers, the audience recommends checking out Riot Inside at their next scheduled performance. For more information, visit www.riotinsidemusic.com or www.myspace.com/riotinsidemusic.

It was celebratory night for this Chicago Noise Machine member, A Friend Called Fire. Tonight was the release and debut of their Stories of Tomorrow show in which the set featured songs from the CD. Also celebrating this special night with AFCF was some of the Who's Who of the local scene such as The Branded, Model Stranger, Red City, Lucid Ground, and other friends in the audience. This local band brought lots of energy and a hardcore guitar rock sound to the stage with songs like Untitled (actual song title) and Shadow. The test audience enjoyed that as well as the acoustic feel to AFCF's music like Once (featuring special guest Tony on violin accompanying Jon on acoustic guitar) and In American Daydream (with more special guests on violin and cello accompanying the full band). The additional instruments gave this particular song a touch of Americana to compliment the sharp rock edge. Sunday says "...[AFCF] was cool band..." Plus she's like the songs too. It's recommended that fans check out A Friend Called Fire whenever they're rockin' the stage again. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/afriendcalledfire.

SouthSide deeply regrets missing Makeshift Prodigy's headlining show at the Metro during MOB Fest a couple of weeks ago. Though this show was a bit tamer than their others (MSP shows tend to get very wild and crazy when their hardcore fans begin to "feel" the music), the test audience was dazzled by the neon glow of the lighting effects (designed personally by Makeshift) and the epic-sounding, inspirational music. The End was the beginning of this rockin' show which also featured other songs like Sirens (one of the heartfelt ballads off their Mathematica EP), Sentimentalist (Vyolet's favorite - more of a happy pop song) and Alive (MSP's power as well as motivational ballad). Sunday gave Makeshift her stamp of approval saying " ...they have cool songs ...I liked the lights..." Performing the title track, Mathematica, to end this performance, SouthSide and company recommend checking out Makeshift Prodigy as well as snagging a copy of their current CD, Mathematica. For more information, visit www.makeshiftprodigy.com or www.myspace.com/makeshiftprodigy.

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