Tuesday, July 20, 2010

16 Jul 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the streets are alive with the rockin' sounds of music! This weekend Chicago played host to Pitchfork and Lilith Fair both happening during the same time. Yes, it was an action-packed weekend however SouthSide opted to hang out at the Elbo Room to see The Nod perform. Upstairs, singer/songwriter Tim Williams (from PA) was rockin' the audience with his soulful vocals and energetic acoustic music. This reviewer enjoyed a couple of his songs before heading downstairs for The Nod.

SouthSide was excited to hear the fantastic (yet sometimes the unbelievable) stories by The Nod (from WI) pop to life after reviewing their CD - Easy, Maverick. This lively trio rocked the Elbo Room stage with their performance of energetic pop/rock alternative sound in an Americana tone. They impressed this reviewer by performing each song with lots of gusto as well as fiery momentum which brought excitement to the basement lounge. Opening strong with Piggy Bank (track 7 off the CD), The Nod's lyrics consisted of wit and tall-tale humour set in an observational style of human life. You might say some (if not all) of their subjects sung about in their songs do lead rather interesting or whacked out lives. For example, there's a woman who loves to sleep with your friends but not you in She's A Wreck (track 6) to life of the mundane in Durango, CO (track 4). Or hear the latest gossip being spread around town in News (track 11). SouthSide enjoyed their one song (which is not featured on the album) titled Frustrating The Sh*T Out Of You (done in the key of A for this ballad) in which this rockin' country/Americana sound had her laughing. She also enjoyed hearing her favorite song Pseudo Picasso (track 10) for its funny pop culture references (i.e. As Marconi was wireless/He called up John Mayer/He said "John I need a favor I need a song/His secretary said "go write your own") as well as Vinyl Bluez (track 5). This reviewer highly suggests taking a trip out of the norm and into the lively pictured world of the people inside The Nod's songs. Plenty of zany craziness to be found in their tall tales whenever this band rocks the stage again. Also snag a copy of their debut CD - Easy, Maverick too. For more information, visit www.thenodmusic.com or www.myspace.com/thenodwi.

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