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21 Jul 10

"...I think I lost the button to my trousers..." Crazyfish

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's reviewing rock gods tonight! Well, not actually the real legends of rock who have charted hits such as Angie and Satisfaction. HOWEVER this Italian tribute band came close enough giving this reviewer another rockin' taste of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. She has seen the actual Stones themselves perform live as well as other tribute bands (i.e. Beggars Banquet) before. So she was ready to put Crazyfish to the test during their double set performance at the Double Door's Dirtroom. Opening for Mick (wonderfully portrayed with all the right Mick movements and expressionisms by Domenico) were local rockers Steve Stone ( or and The Black Oil Brothers ( or

During Steve's set, this reviewer had a difficult time with the subpar acoustics (especially with the bad electric feedback) that would at times overpower the vocals despite enjoying his shredder/hardcore sound. There were moments when SouthSide felt he was channeling the Hendrix experience due to the tone and feel of the lyrics within songs like Find Somebody New (a new song) or Just Can't Quit but with a slight modern twist. Still Steve did perform this set with lots of energy yet she wished the electric was turned down a notch to hear both vocals and lyrics. Meanwhile, The Black Oil Brothers rocked the humid basement lounge with their lively acoustic mixture of hillbilly/country/blues sound. Though simplistic in music, this trio performed their songs such as Wednesday Afternoon and She's My Drinking Problem with lots of rhythmic gusto. They even had the audience vibin' to their take on two Muddy Waters' classics. SouthSide recommends checking out both bands wherever they're rockin' the stage again.

SouthSide was somewhat disappointed that the other members of Crazyfish didn't "dress up" as their respective Rolling Stones counterparts. However, blogspot readers, this rockin' Italian tribute band did have all of the thrills, excitement, and enthusiasm (as well as kisses) of a Stones' show. Fans were delighted to hear great hits such as Get Off My Cloud, Dead Flowers, Paint It Black and Sympathy For The Devil many more to sing and dance along to. This reviewer did have a slight problem with their guest female vocalist, Angela, who seemed trying too hard to sound professional especially while Gimme Shelter. She didn't allow her high falsettos to come naturally and it also sound that was "talking" instead of singing the lyrics to Brown Sugar. Besides the classic standards, Crazyfish also wowed the audience with soulful renditions of Not Fade Away (a Buddy Holly cover) and Just My Imagination (a Temptations cover) which featured Rodney Johnston of Sticky fingers (another Stones tribute band) joining Mick on vocals. The highlight of the night for SouthSide was when Mick sang As Tears Go By in Italian before closing out the performance with Honky Tonk Women. Though not hearing other classics (and SouthSide's favorites) like Ruby Tuesday, Satisfaction, or Under My Thumb performed tonight, she does highly recommend checking out the Italian sensation known as Crazyfish while they're rockin' across the US! Just don't tell SouthSide's boyfriend that Mick kissed her (twice). For more information and tour dates, visit or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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