Friday, July 30, 2010

25 Jul 10

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' the streets of Lincoln Avenue! Though taking a much needed "vacation" from the music scene, this busy reviewer sampled the sights and fun at the Taste of Lincoln 2010. This popular two-day fest featured an array of local music acts (such as Model Stranger, 16 Candles, The Moves) performing on five different stages as well as local vendors and yummy food from restaurants within the area between Wrightwood and Fullerton. On Sunday, SouthSide was there to check out Heavy Manners reunion performance.

Rockin' the Fullerton stage, Heavy Manners brought back the original reggae/ska sound to its Chicago fans and audience after a long absence from the scene. This reviewer enjoyed the energy felt in their music heard in songs such as Hometown Ska, Timebomb (from their Politics & Pleasure album) and Waiting For You. Yet minor problems plagued this performance for SouthSide one of which was the real lack of enthusiasm amongst the band's diverse audience. Heavy Manners is quite known with the Boomer generation and this reviewer noticed there was difficulty getting the younger generation to rock out with them ...especially when many didn't understand some of the old cannabis references. Plus their pseudo political songs (including Fight The Good Fight off Heavy's new album) seriously brought the lively momentum to a crawl despite the message being relevant today as it did back then. Also there was practically no diversity within this band's core reggae/ska sound unlike many of other younger bands (i.e. The Embraceables, State Radio, Passafire etc) that SouthSide has reviewed. Bands like them invoke a more creative blend to the traditional reggae beat and rhythm by adding flavor from other genres like modern jazz to rock. Such cross-blending keeps their audiences rockin' along ...but that's not what this reviewer felt from the Heavy Manners' performance.

Overall, blogspot readers, it was a mixed reaction from SouthSide. There were moments when she felt the momentous vibe during the Heavy Manners music while in others, there was nothing to feel from them. It was an okay show for an outdoor festival however this was one that didn't generate much interest in their straight reggae/ska sound from this reviewer. Yet SouthSide does recommend checking out Heavy Manners and their music. For more information, visit

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