Thursday, July 15, 2010

14 Jul 10

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide journeyed across the universe in one afternoon! It was an incredible experience rockin' to the symphonic sounds of Sky White Tiger. This band performed a special in-store set at Reckless Records (Wicker Park location) before their double Alder After Dark appearance happening Thursday night. This dress rehearsal gave the audience an enlightening as well as enchanting sample of what to expect under the starry glow at the Alder Planetarium. Despite not having the stars and constellations to accompany the fantastical music, this reviewer still enjoyed "feeling" selected songs (some off SWT's current CD) come to life ...immersing her within its deep rhythms and orchestral vibe. It was music from the cosmos for all to hear.

Sky White Tiger had the Reckless staff as well as the audience groovin' to songs like Miles To Go (an excellent song to familiarize yourself to this band) and Returning The Shard (a power ballad in which you feel the dynamic and intensity of Louis Schwardon's voice on the lyrics). Compared to the recorded versions, both songs performed live captivated this reviewer's sensory imagination in ways she never thought could occur. While listening to the music, she rode the cosmic soundwaves of the fantastical electronica (off the keyboards) and rock (off the guitars and percussion) combined. Think Pink Floyd yet with more depth, intense sound and personal meaning found withing the lyrics bordering between reality and fantasy. And wow - what bursts of energy felt during each song in this performance Sky White Tiger's music had influences from other genres (i.e. Indian sitar to Latin flamenco rhythms) woven inside its sound. She truly enjoyed their cover of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street in which was awe-inspiring with the added touch of world music and electronic rhythms.

Well, blogspot readers, as SouthSide mentioned earlier this was merely a sample what to expect during their Alder After Dark double show. SouthSide will be there tomorrow night covering both sets under the starry glow for another special On The Town review. If you live in and/or near, attend one of Sky White Tiger's Adler After Dark performances - tickets are a mere ten dollars ($10).

She highly recommends fans checking out Sky White Tiger and it's extraordinary music. Visit or for more information and/or where they will be performing live again.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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