Thursday, February 25, 2010

23 Feb 10

Hey, blogspot reader, it was a night of contemporary pop music for SouthSide. Tonight's review (and interview afterwards) took her to the Elbo Room for a performance by Felili (from Texas). Currently on her The Moon Release tour, she and the band had the audience immersed in an eclectic sound of contemporary pop rock. With the aid of random video images on a screen, Felili's songs seemed to pop with more depth and meaning than they would without. This was something SouthSide enjoyed very much throughout the set. This reviewer did more than listen to the music while enjoying the pretty images. She found herself lost amongst the emotions behind the lyrics especially during the slow songs.

And this was what Felili hoped the audience would do while attending her performances. According to this singer/songwriter, most [people] don't take time out to appreciate the lyrics within a slow song. However with Felili's songs, SouthSide suggests you do. For example, take the title track off her CD - The Moon and while admiring the intense images of the moon, listen to the haunting slow tempo and the way this singer emotionally projects her vocals. And listening to this song live with the video images really puts it into a unique prospective that you might have never experienced before. This reviewer also recommends listening to Stay. Fans will enjoy the calming yet lively Brazilian rhythm that had her groovin' to the beat. However SouthSide did notice that the bass somewhat overpowered the song thus taking away a little the pleasantness of the music and vocals heard.

Though part of Felili's music is programmed (for background vocals and extra beats/rhythms), it's also the driving force behind this songwriter's eclectic uniqueness. Certain rhythms gave Felili's vocals a definite soulful feel whether she was performing on the guitar or not. You can say, blogspot readers, that she's simply a musician/artist expressing herself ...performing and connecting with fans on a level through her lyrics. Check out the lively upbeat tone of Hotel in which she soulfully rocked the stage ending on a high note. According to Felili, she hopes everyone in the audience left the show remembering a line or melody from her songs. She wanted them to have that feeling they saw someone giving them a genuine performance. And it was truly what SouthSide had felt after attending this show, blogspot readers.

SouthSide recommends catching Felili during her The Moon tour. However don't be discouraged if you miss this tour. If you happen to be and/or live in the Denton (Texas) area, she and the band will be performing at NX35 (North by 35, a fest similiar to SXSW) on Sunday March 14. There are also plans for an acoustic tour along the East Coast in May as well as a summer tour (perhaps opening for another band). For more information, visit or for more information and tour dates.

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