Tuesday, February 16, 2010

09 Feb 10

Hey, blogspot readers, call SouthSide crazy ...or insane but she had to brave a winter storm for this review. Tonight's she's hanging out at the Cubby Bear (in Wrigleyville) for their weekly Local Music Showcase. This free show featured an array of music from psychedelic/alternative rock to industrial and acoustic solo acts. The lineup included bands such as Illusions Fate, Absinthe & The Dirty Floors and Open Til Midnight. Email cubbyinfo@gmail.com for information.

SouthSide enjoyed Absinthe's rockin' performance which combined the psychedelic sound with alternative rock music. Even while taking their music to alternative-only, the energetic vibe felt from this band wasn't lost in the mellower sound. She suggests listening to their song, There's Nothing Wrong With Misery - an alternative/acoustic jam that rocked the stage as they closed their short set. Absinthe & The Dirty Floors will be headlining Subterranean on Feb 16 or visit www.thedirtyfloors.com or www.myspace.com/absinthethedirtyfloors for more details.

Though having a rockin' opening cover song, this reviewer did have a hard time hearing the lead vocalist above the guitars. Open Til' Midnight had an okay set performing popular rock songs almost as good as the originals. However this band did put a unique spin on their versions for the audience to enjoy. Fans can find this cover band rockin' the stage again on Feb 27 at the Save More Lounge or visit www.myspace.com/opentilmidnight for other dates and information.

Illusions Fate rocked the Cubby Bear to their head-banging screamo/industrial rock sound. This raw rock music mixed with hardcore guitar riffs had the audience feeling the angst and frustration off the lyrics. It was no illusion how this trio blasted this reviewer's ears as much industrial rock as they possibly could handle. SouthSide enjoyed the sudden riff changes going from one spectrum to the next before returing to the original rhythm. Don't be surprised to see Illusions tearing up the stage when they feel that energetic vibe. Performing the first single off their upcoming CD, SouthSide heard a touch of Marilyn Manson-esque rock sound about being evil. This song had her head banging to the haunting guitar rhythms and hard screamin' angst. She also suggests listening to the ballad, The Dying Anthem and the trippy industrial space sound of Space Wanderer. This brief sample of Illusions Fate's music wasn't enough for this reviewer and she plans a full review of this band again soon. Illusions' CD (featuring both songs mentioned in this review), The Ghost of Maya, should be out on April 1st - no foolin' [either] says the band. In the meantime, visit www.myspace.com/illusionsfatemusic or www.reverbnation.com/illusionsfate for more information.

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