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19 Feb 10

...you look like a Mom... - Metro Security*

Hey, blogspot readers, it's "Take Your Kids to Work" Day for SouthSide. She was joined with her "test audience" (as she lovingly calls Vyolet, age 17, and Sunday, age 8, - not their real names of course) for this review. They spent a rockin' evening as guests of Cobalt and The Hired Guns at the Metro's all ages show Friday. The lineup featured Cobalt opening for State Radio with Big D and The Kids Table in between. Since the "test audience" was the target age group of the night, parts of this review will contain their thoughts/opinions about the performances by Cobalt and State Radio. They did give big thumbs up to Big D's energetic set and exuberant rock sound. Sunday liked the funny song titles while Vyolet was seen partying along with the crowd. This reviewer recommends listening to the song, Hell On Earth which caused a fan frenzy on the main floor. For more information, visit Big D and The Kids Table at www.bigdandthekidstable.com or www.myspace.com/bigdandthekidstable.

For one night only, this indie band was known as Cobalt and The Hired Guns and Hired Guns. The extra "hired guns" included a four-person horn section and accordion player to give their sound that special umph for the home crowd. This truly, blogspot readers, had fans instantly dancing to Cobalt's unique twist on the Americana/alternative music. So after that explosive opening song, this crowd and band were definitely ready to party all night long. And how could you not blame them. With the band's catchy tunes and energetic beats, you won't be standing still for long. SouthSide could clearly see that from the way they were rockin' the stage. Cobalt was absolutely having fun which kept everyone else under that same momentum. The horn section and accordion sound certainly did their jobs maintaining that eclectic uniqueness for the band. Vyolet loved Cobalt and The Hired Guns stating that the horns were an awesome touch. She enjoyed their charismatic style and whimsical songs. According to her, this band drew lots of attention and excitement towards the crowd - a real eye catcher. Meanwhile, Sunday simply wanted to say they were awesomely cool. Well, blogspot readers, the "test audience" has spoken highly recommending that you catch the new Americana wave with Cobalt and The Hired Guns. Besides listening to their hits, You Left Your Sweater and Of Summer, listen to the brand new song, Lazarus - a mellow alternative sound but still retaining that energetic spark to keep you grooving to the rock rhythm. For more information, visit www.cobaltandthehiredguns.com or www.myspace.com/cobaltandthehiredguns.

Now, SouthSide has attended many shows at the Metro. However, she has never seen it so packed before! It was a sellout crowd ...standing room only everywhere including the Reserved/VIP area for State Radio's performance. The entire venue lit up with screams and cheers when this touring band took the stage for their first song. This band had an organic feel to their rock sound ...think of them as the millennium's version of 60s grassroots rockers like CSNY (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young). Their music and songs, like CSNY, had a story that needed to be told ...a cause worth supporting ...a message to be heard. With their sign, Wage Peace, waving proudly behind the band, there was in Southside's eyes universal peace and harmony amongst the masses. It was simply amazing, blogspot readers, to hear voices singing along with State Radio. This crowd was definitely feeling each rhythmic guitar vibe waifing from the stage. There were many hands in unison clapping to the crescendoing riffs until it peaked. Then - wow! So hard to describe the heads bobbing (as well as bodies surfing around the main floor) to the music. You truly had to be there to witness this. State Radio's performed under an eclectic array of genres such as Reggae/ska to Irish melody within in their songs. Vyolet and Sunday both enjoyed the energetic atmosphere in which this band's rock music provided. They liked how the Metro security kept the fans near the stage from overheating by squirting water at them. SouthSide highly suggests listening to State's Bohemian Groove, Masin Humanity and of course the popular Knights of Bostonia (also check out the hilarious video for this song). For more information and tour dates, visit www.stateradio.com or www.myspace.com/stateradio.

Until next time, support your local scene,

*oh btw - SouthSide wasn't offended by this - it's cool being recognized as a Mom!

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