Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 Feb 10

Hey, blogspot readers, Carnivale fun has arrived! Festive rockers were at the Double Door for all of the delights and sounds of a Mardi Gras party. Fans were treated to spicy gumbo (yummy), had their fortunes told and faces painted to colorful designs as well as hearing rockin' performances. Tonight's lineup featured music by Mojo & The Bayou Gypsies and Fifth World with a double set by Papadosio (from Athens, Ohio).

The party was in full swing when SouthSide arrived though missing the first half of Papadosio's appearance. she does highly recommend checking out the psychedelic scene of Fifth World. This rockin' group combined the sounds of funk/soul/electronica and other genres into one astounding fusion. It was a toe-tappin' groove that had SouthSide viewing them as an indie version of George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic. The crowd danced at one point to Fifth's rhytmic island music featuring the sultry conga beat. She suggests listening to the song about Muhammad Ali which had everyone rockin' to the lyrical freestyle mixed with R&B/soul. Visit Fifth World at www.fifthworldmusic.com or www.myspace.com/fifthworldmusic for more information.

SouthSide was very excited to finally review the electronic wizardry of Papadosio. This band from Ohio will remind fans of another band known as Boombox but with a larger stage setup. This venue immediately felt the instrumental groove of Papadosio's rhythm and trippy space themes. Add the lights which ran in sequence with the music and you felt you're in an electronica club rather than a rock venue. The music alone didn't need much lyrics since, in SouthSide's opinion, it would merely slow down the vibe. Yet, you can listen very closely for the lyrics magically hidden in Papa's songs however why - when you can simply enjoy the cosmic ride this music brings to your ears. Feel that rise and fall of this band's melodic musical spectrum that sent your mind and on a journey lightyears into the future. Ah, blogspot readers, what a fantastical journey it was for this reviewer. Besides debutting a new song, the crowd grooved to You and Yourself and many others that seem to flow endlessly from one wave to the next. The fans (including SouthSide) certainly had one heck of a rockin' time feeling the melodic sounds of Papadosio. She hopes they bring their cosmic ride back to Chicago soon. In the meantime, visit www.pspadosio.com or www.myspace.com/papadosio for tour dates and information.

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