Friday, February 5, 2010

19 Feb 10 - preview

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide has the latest scoop on the hottest ticket in town! This reviewer highly suggests everyone spending a fun Friday enjoying a night of rockin' indie music. Check out local guys - Cobalt and The Hired Guns when they share the stage with State Radio (now currently on tour)at Metro on February 19.

Since 2002, Cobalt had the pleasure of sharing the stage with other local giants such as I Fight Dragons and Pet Lions. In 2009, this band really burst onto the scene when they were part of Metromix's Rock the Vote final four. Now, they're fortunate to open for State Radio not only for the home crowd but also later this month at Cat's Cradle in North Carolina.

What makes Cobalt and the Hired Guns' music different? SouthSide believes it's their eclectic twist on the Americana sound. Think way outside of the box - it's not your ordinary alternative music. This bands adds a lively flavor of punk and rock. This unique combination has their fans dancing as well as singing along with the band. Cobalt's songs, You Left Your Sweater and Of Summer, have been receiving airplay on Local Q 101. However SouthSide recommends experiencing their shows live.

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