Tuesday, February 23, 2010

21 Feb 10

...I guess Gabriel came to feed your soul
...we came to steal it
... - Brother John

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another snowy review for SouthSide. It's a rare Sunday night outting rockin' on her home turf at Reggie's Music Joint. This hip Southside venue featured performances by Gabriel Kelley (from Nashville, TN) and local rockers, Brother John.

SouthSide enjoyed the simplistic yet heartwarming acoustic Americana opening set by Gabriel. The singer/songwriter's lyrics painted a clear image behind the guitar music. The audience could hear him pouring out his emotions into each song performed. For example, during one song, this reviewer heard his heart breaking behind the soft rhythms as he said goodbye to a woman named Jessie (Goodbye Jessie). Though his music can be quite serious and emotional when dealing with people's sordid crap, there were certain moments when it also took a swingin' upbeat tempo. SouthSide highly recommends catching Gabriel Kelley while he's on tour. For more information, visit www.gabrielkelley.com or www.myspace.com/gabrielkelleymusic.

Boy, did this band jam under an electrified cloud of organic blues rock with a bit of that psychedelic sound. And that was barely getting started into Brother John's first song, Wild One. It was indeed wild alright, blogspot readers. This reviewer was literally melting in her chair (something that doesn't happen too often) ...totally feelin' the band's groove and energetic vibe. SouthSide was in love with the fantastical electric riffs that lit up the stage throughout this performance. Wither, ladies, to the raw, raspy vocals of the band's charismatic front man, Brad (and what lungs he has)as he sings. He projected the right amount of passion ...soul into Brother John's lyrics. Yes he was definitely channeling his inner rock god likeness while rockin' to the band's momentum. And not to say their covers were simply okay - no way, blogspot readers. They totally owned Hendrix's Foxy Lady. It was the best this reviewer has ever heard. She believes Jimi would be very honored and proud.

Brother John covered a wide range of rock genres. It would be quite unfair to this band to pinpoint their core rock sound since they easily flow from one to the next. Other times, they did at the same time without you missing a beat. From acid rock to grunge and everything else in between, this band certainly had the audience's blood pumping to the hardcore riffs and bass rhythms. And if you're lucky like SouthSide maybe you'll get the hottest electric serenade by John (on guitar). She's still breathless after feeling that rush ...absolutely blown away. SouthSide highly recommends listening to Shovelman (for its rousing intro that immediately grabs your attention) and the title track off their current CD, Rust (an awesome Pearl Jam-esque sounding song with an explosive crescendo of guitar riffs at the end). Visit www.brotherjohn.us for more information and where they're rockin' the stage again. Also if you're on Facebook, befriend them there as well. One final note, Brother John deserves a HUGE kudos for their part donating 100% of the show profits to charity, according to their website.

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  1. SouthSide, it was OUR pleasure. We hope to see you at our Elbo show. Until then, we will spread the Gospel of your works.


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