Tuesday, February 9, 2010

08 Feb 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the rockin' fun doesn't happen only on the weekends for SouthSide. She even finds fun and music happening on Monday nights too. The Elbo Room was alive with an eclectic mix of music that had the audience feeling the groove. The lineup featured Blind Man Leading (acoustic), Izzy and The Kesstronics (retro rock from Brooklyn, NY), The Palace Flophouse (alternative/rock) and Visionaire (fusion of hiphop/funk/soul).

SouthSide highly suggests meeting her new friends, Izzy and The Kesstronics, at their next show. This lively bunch of rockers had SouthSide and others dancing to their retro rock sound. You'll hear a bit of Chuck Berry, Elvis (shaking that pelvis), and Jerry Lee Lewis (great balls of fire in sound) from this band. This reviewer enjoyed the rhythm section (saxophones and percussions) and rockin' guitar riffs. Listen to Izzy's tear-jerker, Strangers about one-night stands for that sweet yet hot saxophone serenade (believe this reviewer when she says it was definitely sweet and hot). Or have your burst of revenge against that annoying ex in Bobble On Your Grave. Everyone was caught the spirit of the wolf vibe when they closed with Gonna Do What I Want To Do. Hopefully, Izzy and the guys will return again for another rockin' jam session. In the meantime, visit Izzy and The Kesstronics at www.myspace.com/izzyandthekesstronics for more information.

Simplistic ...organic rock/alternative sound that explodes with melodic rhythms - that's how SouthSide describes the performance by The Palace Flophouse. Don't be fooled by this band's gentle tone and seriousness, blogspot readers. There's a rockin' energy within TPF's songs to get you movin' to the beat. This reviewer enjoyed the slice of life the band brought to their songwriting. At times, the lyrics could be as poetic in Irish Tune or whimiscal in The Language Barrier (both off TPF's current CD - Try Not To Get Worried). Though there's a mellow sound in the band's ballads, fans will enjoy how TPF performs with fire and gusto while on stage. SouthSide also recommends listening to Chubby Kid and If I'm Not There. Visit The Palace Flophouse at www.myspace.com/tpfsounds for more information.

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