Thursday, March 4, 2010

03 Mar 10's just a phase ...I can quit whenever I want... ~ Camera

Hey, blogspot readers, the busy March calendar began with a rockin' bang for SouthSide! She kicked off a month-long of fun activities by first attending the One Man(no) Show at Angels & Kings. This free Wendesday night local showcase has featured hot acts such as Til Death, Makeshift Prodigy and Villain vs Villain. Now, it was Dear Noel's and Camera's turn to light up the stage. SouthSide suggests checking out next week's lineup featuring Oceans Over Airplanes and The Insecurities. For more information about this showcase,

SouthSide enjoyed the spinning DJ sets presented by DJ Kickz before the show. He got the Wednesday night crowd into the mood with his lively selections of popular hits and hidden tracks. This reviewer liked the awesome re-mix of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit as well as songs by Journey and The Clash. However, the low point of this week's showcase came when Ryan Manno attempted his hand at comedy. This reviewer wondered where his head was at after beginning with an off color and somewhat racist joke before Dear Noel's performance. Even the one about the difference between Jesus and a Mexican was totally uncalled for (and yes, SouthSide was offended by it). Luckily, the audience had good common sense not to laugh or even acknowledge his comedic attempt. In the meantime, blogspot readers, you can find Ryan Manno hosting the local music program, JBTV.

Despite having no such luck firing up this lukewarm audience tonight, Dear Noel had a good opening set. SouthSide enjoyed the rock alternative music with a bit of pop sound (courtesy of the synth/keyboards). It must have been an off night for Angels sound guy because there was some difficulty hearing the vocals over the rockin' music. At times during Noel's performance, this reviewer noticed the "shouting" done on the mics in order to be heard. Even the backing vocals at the chorus were barely there. Still this reviwer liked how the poppy synth rhythms sometimes would take the slight edge off the guitar rock sound. Fans will enjoy the energetic vibe Dear Noel brought to the stage. SouthSide suggests checking out this local band at their next show. For more information, visit

SouthSide would never dare call Camera an eclectic rock band even though they do have one unique rock sound. Performing some songs off their current CD, Fire & Science, fans will have some difficulty pinpointing exactly this band's core sound of their music. This reviewer suggest that you don't but does recommend listening how they can combine as well as twist genres into something totally new. It's almost like listening to a retro 80s pop rock music yet the guitars carry the poppy sound instead of keyboards/synths. From one song to the next, the sound effortlessly changes rhythms and riffs giving the audience a unique rock experience. It's like Camera has their songs tailored made to fit a particular mood or theme. For example, listen to Camera's song, Grazed, in which one might hear a lively rhumba/island theme going behind the thumping guitar rhythms. Or listening to One Neo Eon for that Talking Head-esque in the vocals and sound - very hot guitar action near the end of this song. This reviewer also recommends listening to her favorite song, Wicked Wicked Games for its sultry yet steady guitar riffs (like a heart beating). This song gave SouthSide that certain thrill ride of eletric chills whenever she hears it performed live. Though taking the vibe down a notch for Buried Alive, Camera still retained its wicked guitar riffs and energy which kept fans dancing in front of the stage. This performance closed with a cynical look at radio in the song, Pop Radio 101. SouthSide suggest snagging a copy (if there are any available) of Camera's CD, Fire & Science when they rock the Darkroom stage on March 26. For more information, visit or One final note, on their myspace page, check out their awesome Radiohead cover of Idioteque.

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