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08 Mar 10

Hey, blogspot readers, the party never stops for SouthSide ...even on a foggy Monday night. That's what she likes most about her adventures around town. There's always something new or different performing on stage. And this performance was definitely quite out of the ordinary for this reviewer's ears. She spent an enchanted evening at the Elbo Room enjoying the unique pop/electronica music by Be Nice.

Be forewarned, blogspot readers, do not expect to find the sublime or typical electronica rhythm or programmed beats from this artist. Yet, you'll find yourself being like Alice tumbling into Underland of Be's eclectic music and lyrical verse. That's how SouthSide felt as she took this music journey into his world. It's not all flowery and pretty once you're inside either. No, blogspot readers, this was the harsh reality of pain, angst and dissolution with self, love and society in general. Extremely emo as it sounded but Be's lively "happy" music balances out the darkness heard within his verses. It's was the type of music that had the audience mesmerized without realizing how emo or unhappy the poetry truly was.

And that, blogspot readers, was what that kept this reviewer spellbound by Be's futuristic pop sound. The various rhythms and beats, always differing one from the other as he moved from one song to the next, did set not only the tempo to his poetry but the tone as well. Though performed under such seriousness, the poetry was somewhat "sung" behind poppy keyboard/piano rhythms. For example, in one song, Be voiced his rage and frustration about self and religion but somehow the music heard wasn't full of anger. Nope, it still retained that "happy" feeling in the tempo. It certainly had Southside grooving to that energetic vibe without weighing her down in emo darkness. And Be also kept the music fresh for the audience's listening pleasure throughout his set. It was interesting how he could use a club-sounding beat and then remix it until it was something totally more for a ballad or a soothing meditative tempo. With such music, Be's verses did come to life as if he was actually painting his words on canvas.

Overall, it was one of the most unique experiences (so far) in music for SouthSide. She highly recommends partaking in the futuristic pop/electronica ride with Be Nice ...the strangeness of his performance might dazzle or leave you scratching your head or both - depending how you perceive this artist's unique talent for music creativity. Somehow, SouthSide has this distinct feeling that is what Be Nice's going for - strange yet profoundly different from the rest.

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