Tuesday, March 9, 2010

06 Mar 10

Hey, blogspot readers, who's ready to rock? SouthSide's latest adventure took her to the Rockbox on Lincoln Ave. This quaint Lakeview bar has featured live rockin' acts such as Chester, Cealed Kasket and Donkey Punch on its stage. Tonight, it was hardcore/metal performances by Chainwax and Denial Machine with Tryst opening the lineup. Look for Nothing Forgotten and Whiskey Blonde performing there soon. For more information, visit www.rockboxchicago.com.

SouthSide wished she could recommend checking out Tryst however in fair and honesty to her readers, she cannot. In her opinion, the band had a lackluster performance which didn't generate any attraction to their metal sound. SouthSide felt something was sorely missing while observing their set. The mesh of screamo vs soft vs hard vocals (during certain songs) somewhat threw off Tryst's metal vibe for this reviewer. There were too much of the dramatic within the instrumentals and finishes even though that actually rocked. The closing song, Narcissist, perfectly described the other-the-top drum solo that had SouthSide wondering when the song would finally begin. This band did more of the "speaking" for its music than letting their music speak for itself.

The rockin' hardcore sound of Chainwax jolted the Rockbox instantly to life, Just barely into the opening song, SouthSide felt the spontaneity of this band's energy while vibin' to the music. One thing you can say about this band, blogspot readers, was they came to rock. And rocked the stage Chainwax did. This reviewer suggests listening to the title track, Provoked, off their current CD for its head-banging guitar sound. She enjoyed the fast riff changes that escalated their tempo during the chorus before returning to its original sound. She also recommends listening to Chainwax's ballad, Steal My Soul. Though the energetic momentum still remained, Kriz's (the band's front man) vocals easily conveyed the angst and frustration off the lyrics. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Chainwax at their next performance where they'll be rockin' the stage at Idols in Palatine on March 11. Also snag a copy of their CD, Provoked. For more information, visit www.chainwax.net or www.myspace.com/chainwaxband.

Closing out this lineup was another rockin' metal/screamo performance by Denial Machine. SouthSide enjoyed the wicked guitar riffs that tore up the stage during the instrumentals. Feel, blogspot readers, this band's head pounding sound and energetic vibe woven throughout their songs. This reviewer enjoyed Denial's take on a pseudo metal version of a love song however don't expect it to dip into a ballad style. For a love song, it had a rockin' hardcore sound and rhythm. Yet the audience could still clearly hear the pain of a broken heart in Eamon's (the band's front man) vocals. This reviewer was totally wallowing in Denial's metal groove especially when they performed track one, This Burden (Tortured), off their current CD. Metal fans are totally encouraged to partake in head banging experience that this local band brings to the stage. Plenty of screamo and angst that makes one feel what Eamon is feeling while singing the lyrics. Denial Machine will be rockin' the stage again at the Tequila Roadhouse in Alsip. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/denialmachine.

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  1. Chainwax totally ruled! I will definitely be checking them out again!!!!

  2. This is Jezzibel, singer of Tryst. I do appreciate your opinion, but I cannot call it constructive. You didn't give us any insight on how we could have made you happier in our performance. I also invite you to our first CD Release show April 30th @ Nite Cap Lounge, maybe you will change your opinion. Oh, and our song is called "NARCISSIST". Thanks and Horns high! \m/


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