Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12 Mar 10

Hey, blogspot readers, having dinner with a dinosaur was fun. Now it was time to rock! SouthSide's next adventure took her to the Elbo Room where the fun and good times were already in full swing. Friday night patrons packed the upstairs and downstairs lounges to hear the featured lineups of the evening. The audience upstairs were serenaded by a moving acoustic performance by Jenna (from New York). Meanwhile downstairs, the crowd was groovin' to performances by Absinthe Junk and Channel Four. This reviewer was told she missed one hot performance by Blue Moon Revue (Nashville, TN). She heard from a good friend (Matthew of Mason's Case) that this band as well as the others rocked down the stage. SouthSide hopes these bands make a return soon for an opportunity to review them.

It was a fast, heart-pounding, instrumentally whiplashing psychedelic ride of guitar rock that wowed SouthSide's ears. In one word - electrifying. And that, blogspot readers, precisely described how this reviewer felt after seeing Aetiology on stage. It was an honor reviewing this band after listening to their demo CD for months. Yet nothing could compare than experiencing this music live like SouthSide did. This local band took the audience on an incredible cosmic ride of sound through rip-roaring riffs and trippy rhythms. Essentially, Aetiology was merely jammin' on stage feeding us that energetic vibe note for note while entering music spectrum unknown.

Though entirely instrumental, there were "lyrics" to be found wrapped within this band's mind-bending music, blogspot readers. You simply had to listen carefully to the guitars "chatting" to each other ...sometimes the percussions would control the conversation and the guitars would kindly reply back or vice versa. Still SouthSide felt privied to such unspoken communication amongst the instruments as she sat enjoying the experimental sound twisting and turning from song to song. For instance, Codex (off Aetiology's upcoming CD due out this spring) had this funky space theme going. However there was a sudden sharp change up in the tempo (slower) and rhythm (steady). This song had passion while retaining that energetic vibe felt earlier.

Or try Geomancer - Aetiology's psychedelic version of a ballad. The music dazzled and amazed SouthSide's ears with its spellbounding sound that this reviewer had to close her eyes for a meditative minute break. This band had everyone (including SouthSide) under its rockin' magic psychedelic sound. You not only heard the music but felt it as well. There were shivers running down her spine while listening attentively with closed eyes. To her, it was the only way to fully experience what she was hearing. She simply allowed the music to take her away from the modern day worries into its peaceful serenity. Ah, this reviewer felt relaxed within the music groove especially during Sonoluminescence. There was so much beauty flowing from Aetiology's sound that one couldn't help admire its electrifying beat.

Sadly, blogspot readers, this cosmic ride had to come to an end. Aetiology closed out this performance with their Pink Floyd-esque sounding song, Strange Hieroglyphs (also off their 3-song demo CD). SouthSide also suggests listening to Atom Smasher and Dream however she highly recommends seeing this band live to experience this psychedelic music up close and personal. For more information, visit www.outstage.com/aetiology or www.myspace.com/aetiology.

Until next time, support the local scene,

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