Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20 Mar 10

Hey, blogspot readers, discover a new way to sway out your old clothes! Why not try recycling them into something new. That's what SouthSide learned to do on a snowy Saturday afternoon. She attended the Swap-O-Rama Rama at the Chicago Waldorf School. The Swap-O-Rama Rama was a three-day fundraising event in which participants could swap clothing and/or attend do-it-yourself craft workshops learning how to create something new out their old things. You could learn how to make fashionable legwarmers out of old sweaters, create toys for your pets or handmade buttons out of fabric. From silkscreening to making accessories for your iPod or iPhone, there were plenty of new ways to recycle and reuse your old clothing.

That's basically the idea behind this Swap-O-Rama Rama according to Katie Hawkey Swindler who first heard about this in a magazine. The goal of this event was to "...to empower people into learning how to make new things ...it's all about recycling and reusing clothes..." She also stated that it's good for the environment, the pocketbook and the soul. This year's Swap even included a Re:Make Fashion show which all clothes modeled were first hand fashions yet created from second hand materials. After Saturday's Craft and Clothing Swap, there were a film presentation of Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft and Design. This also included a Q&A session with the film's director, Faythe Levine. All proceeds raised during this weekend event went to benefit Chicago Waldorf School (an independent school which incorporates handcrafting for all grades within its curriculum) and Three Sisters Folk Art School. For more information about this fun event, visit www.swap-IL.com.

Now what kind of music goes great with an afternoon of embroidery and tie-dyeing? SouthSide's good friends, Seratonin Telegram provided the rockin' answer, blogspot readers. Though might being one of the most unique venues to have a performance, this up and coming band certainly had fun entertaining the participants at the Swap. One thing you'll notice immediately about this band's sound - it doesn't stay within one single genre. You might hear two or three mixed together ...sometimes fluctuating in between riffs and rhythms thus keeping the music fresh and interesting. While cruising the workshop and craft tables, this reviewer enjoyed listening to the rip-roaring rhythms off the guitars and feeling the energetic vibe from Seratonin's sound. And despite having to tune down the heavy sound, this band rocked out the Swap-O-Rama Rama. SouthSide recommends listening to Checks & Balances (for its angst and woe in the vocals behind the guitar soloing wail in the background) and 68c (for its retro rock throwback sound within the lively rhythm). Blogspot readers can expect a full review on Seratonin Telegram when they rock the Elbo Room on May 26. For more information, visit www.sonicbids.com/seratonintelegram or www.myspace.com/seratonintelegram.

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  1. Southside,

    I especially like the idea of keeping old clothing out of landfills. It is akin to clothing being reincarnated into something new and useful. Stories like this highlight just how resourceful people can be.



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