Tuesday, March 30, 2010

25 Mar 10

Hey, blogspot readers, springtime fun has finally sprung for SouthSide! This weekend kicked off a long and busy schedule from now until the beginning of May. Faithful readers of this blog can expect reviews on all of her travels around the hottest spots in town for local music. From the Elbo Room to Regge's and Double Door as well as many points in between, SouthSide shall be there reviewing what's new and rockin' in Chicago's music.

Her weekend began Thursday night at the Elbo Room to welcome new friends, The Dirty Flaggs (from Columbus, OH) to Chicago. But first, SouthSide highly recommends fans getting to know Ian Olvera & The Sleepwalkers. This opening act from Green Bay, WI rocked the lineup with their Americana-sounding Alternative Rock set. This reviewer enjoyed the lively rhythm and riffs off the guitars. For more info about this band and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.myspace.com/ianolveraband.

SouthSide also highly recommends checking out The Dirty Flaggs at their next performance. This band of lively musicians rocked the stage with their music of rock alternative sound which had plenty of heart and soul in the music. This reviewer enjoyed how The Dirty Flaggs would switch between the alternative and rock throughout the set and within each song, there was life and energetic momentum that kept the audience wanting more. For example, You Plus Me Equals Happiness was an upbeat rock ballad performed with fire and passion than the somber opening song, Regrets and Cigarettes. Even the so-called "chill out" song, Stars & Segways, had too much rock energy for it relax you. This song was the highlight of The Flaggs' set.

SouthSide suggests listening to The Boy That Testified if you want to hear angst and frustration. Everyone, from the drums to guitars, vented their frustrations ...released that built up stress during this number. SouthSide clearly heard it in the guitar riffs and percussion beats. She also suggests checking out The Flaggs' socio-political song titled No Peace In Africa. The hot drumming in the intro grabbed the audience's attention meanwhile SouthSide was more in tuned to the lyrics of the song. It had more depth and deeper emotional sentiment than the horrid "We Are The World" remake.

For more info about this band and where they're rockin' the stage next, visit www.thedirtyflaggs.com or www.myspace.com/thedirtyflaggs.

Tomorrow night, it's off to the new Lincoln Hall for a rockin' performance by Holding Mercury!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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