Sunday, February 8, 2009

31 Jan 09

“…Come on, Scotty, let’s go…” Stoneface Nation

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide rocked out January with two shows in one fantastic night! First it was off to the legendary Metro for a wild and exciting party. Fans and bands celebrated with Scott (of Rebel Radio) at his annual birthday bash. The lineup featured heart-pounding metal and screamin’ angst by False Faced, The Plague and Scared Dawn. Also performing was Stoneface Nation, A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder) and Earthen Grave with Wrath closing out the night.

It has been quite a while since SouthSide last saw A.D.D. perform. However it was worth the trip to Metro to see them on stage again. After rousing opening to their set, SouthSide immediately noticed a different tone to the band’s music. It was edgier and a little darker yet keeping that hard-hitting rock sound and vocals fans love. SouthSide enjoyed the gripping passion felt within A.D.D.’s hardcore sound. It’s the type of music that says life and love isn’t a romantic fairy tale. And Margaret does an excellent job presenting that vocally to the audience. There would be times when the rock sound does overshadow vocals. Still, she can vividly convey the “hell has no fury like a scorned woman” but with a melodic twist in each song. SouthSide highly recommends listening to her favorite A.D.D. song, Maybe. Margaret really lets the audience have every ounce of angst and frustration of a relationship gone flat while singing this song. Honestly, men, you don’t want to mess this rock chick when she’s pissed off! SouthSide recommends Fearless fans checking out their new 11-track EP titled Elements of Emptiness. For more information about A.D.D., visit the band at or

The highlight of the birthday celebration was Scott on drums during Stoneface Nation’s performance. Drum fans would have loved the unique dual kit set on stage. It along with the guitars gave the band their classic rock sound. The audience was blown away by the fast flying riffs and dazzling drumming. There were a few minor technical difficulties however that didn’t stop this band from rocking out the crowd. Stoneface Nation wowed this reviewer with epic songs that were long on the instrumentals. This allowed the listener a chance to savor every riff, beat and note of their music before leaving them hungry for more in the end. For example, in Medicine Man, fans should watch out for the sudden changes. It will take you from one extreme to the next without warning during the course of the song. Another good example would be Psycho. This closing song made the audience scream with frenzy from the music. Scott’s drum solo was certainly the crowd-pleaser of the night. Despite having a great set, SouthSide had some difficulty hearing the vocals. The loud music drowned out lyrics at certain points of their performance that the lead had to switch between microphones. Overall, SouthSide recommends Fearless fans checking out Stoneface Nation at their next performance. For more information about this band, visit them at

Off to Bottom Lounge to see Incredible Shrinking Boy.


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