Sunday, February 15, 2009

06 Feb 09

Hey, Fearless fans, you missed the riot inside the Elbo Room! Well, it wasn’t actually that kind of riot since the fans were relatively calm and orderly. However, it was the best Friday night this reviewer has ever spent! Thanks to Brian Bender and staff, people packed the popular Lakeview venue to hear one of their best lineups ever. It featured performances by William Darling, I Fight Dragons, Riot Inside and Common Shiner. Ask You In Gray headlined in the end. SouthSide recommends checking out this wild and crazy band called I Fight Dragons ( or www.myspace,com/ifightdragons). She enjoyed their whacky Rick Astley cover of Never Gonna Give You UP that included the theme song to Super Mario Brothers. This reviewer enjoyed the comical stage set up and antics as part of their performance. Fearless fans can expect a full review of this band in the near future. Also there will be a full review on Ask You In Gray ( or when they perform during Rock Star Mafia soon.

How does one review this unique and talented group of musicians known as Riot Inside? Well, this reviewer suggests seeing this band yourself and feel the heat this band brings to the stage. Riot offered the audience hot rock sound and cool sexy charm. Ladies will fawn over the charisma of Gary (on vocals) as he woos and seduces through the lyrics. He really charmed those closest to the stage while singing lyrics from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory during the song Entombed. There was some angst behind that charm too, Fearless fans. Listen to their Take Your Time and your head will bang to the metal angst of his vocals. Also she recommends listening to Riot’s ballad, Looking Back. This song can also be found on their myspace page. It’s the softer and gentler side to this band’s loud rockin’ persona with an acoustic guitar playing.

Meanwhile, Rock fans will love the wild ride of music sound from metal to alternative found in Riot's set. Each song drifted from one end of the rock spectrum to another giving it its own style and rhythm. Guitar fans will love the funky riffs by Lew, Stefan and Josh during the instrumentals. Think Led Zeppelin when seeing Lew strum his guitar with his hair pick. Want to hear more hard-hitting guitar sound? She suggests listening to Me and My Gun off their myspace page. This reviewer loved the jungle drum beats during Devil In Me by Castro. That absolutely kicked off their set on a good rockin’ start. SouthSide was somewhat disappointed that it was over just when it was getting so good. Yet Riot Inside did pack a lot of show for its fans to emjoy. Whew, this reviewer felt energetic and excited for more Riot music!

She highly encourages fans to catch the riot fever when they headline the Double Door on Feb 26. For more information about Riot Inside, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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