Sunday, February 8, 2009

31 Jan 09 - part 2

“…sex, drugs, rock and roll …gawd, I hate those words…” Incredible Shrinking Boy

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s now at Bottom Lounge to see her good friend Paul Taneja and his new band, Incredible Shrinking Boy. They were headlining an eclectic lineup which featured Electric Socrates and Velva. SouthSide’s planning on a full review on Velva when they perform again at Reggie’s Music Joint later this month. Their performance of imagery and computer music totally dazzled this reviewer that she had to see them again. For more information about Velva, visit this band at or

Don’t let the name of this headlining band scare you, Fearless fans. They are quite incredible never shrinking and way more than a boy. And the name has nothing to do with shrinkage of a certain male body part either. This quaint group of men known as Incredible Shrinking Boy (named after the actual song) recently rocked out Bottom Lounge with a fantastic set. Comparing Paul and his original band back then to now, SouthSide honestly can say he has found the “something” that was missing. It’s not a complete 360 change from his former band but it was a better performance than before. It seems Paul tapped into emotional side of himself to bring out that passion while singing. During one point of the performance, he really let loose the demons and vocally fired up the audience. Yet as a whole band, they tapped into the creativity experimenting with different sounds and music. They were having fun rockin’ for the audience. This was definitely a brand “new” band performing on stage, Fearless fans.

Fans attending the show liked ISB’s alternative rock sound that had a slight pop twist to the songs. They weren’t flat and dull like but had more life because Paul and the band incorporate other genres. For example, the harmonics gave certain songs a touch of country rock though keeping alternative pop sound. SouthSide suggests listening to End of the Road in which Matt multitasks between keyboard and harmonics. She also suggests listening to Sex Drugs Rock n Roll. The song might sound like a downer though it does have a powerpop beat you can dance to. ISB thrilled the audience with an amazing instrumental for a climatic finish that included a hot Paul guitar solo. They rocked out Bottom Lounge with City of Lights. SouthSide enjoyed the subtle intro which draws you into the song gradually for that spectacular finale. It left the audience shouting for more.

There’s also a rock side to ISB, Fearless fans. Check out the song, Primitive, on their myspace page. The keyboard creates a creepy atmosphere while the guitars add some hardcore riffs. Paul on vocals shows his evil dark side that gave this reviewer a bad case of the shivers. SouthSide also recommends listening to Bodyparts – more creepiness. For more information about Incredible Shrinking Boy, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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