Sunday, February 15, 2009

05 Feb 09

Hey, Fearless fans, it was two shows inside the coolest venue on the home turf in one night. Both Reggie’s Music Joint and Rock Club offered fans a fantastic selection of acoustic and punk /rock music. The Music Joint side featured Fermata and Woodbox Gang. While at the Rock Club, there was a punk set by The Bungdoons and rock by FiVe 0 SiX.

SouthSide thanks Elle, Talent Buyer for Reggie’s Music Joint, for inviting this reviewer to see Fermata. She was more than impressed by this experimental/acoustic band’s performance. They simply wowed her while rocking down the Music Joint. Fans would hear a little of a local favorite, The Lifeline, in Fermata and its music. Yet the two bands are somewhat different since this one doesn’t incorporate amplified guitars. Instead, there’s an upright bass (Cody), mandolin, banjo and accordion (Matt) woven into the music. This eclectic combination with guitar (Jon) and violin (Karl) truly rocked the stage. The music, Fearless fans, was so alive and full of emotion. At times, it could be gentle like a whisper or set your soul on fire with passion. If the music could do this to you, then add Lisa on vocals into the equation. When they’re joined together, the audience couldn’t help but hear those emotions during each song. Lisa’s haunting voice brought out the pain and anguish felt from the lyrics. Even in the anger in the vocals tugged on the heartstrings. SouthSide highly recommends listening to Ablaze and Cliffs off their Only Ghosts Remain CD. Whew, what a moving acoustic performance! Never had this reviewer felt or heard something like this. She recommends The Lifeline and Fearless fans checking out Fermata when they return on February 27th at Uncommon Ground. For more information about Fermata, visit them at or

After a wonderful performance inside the Music Joint, then it was time to join the fun inside the Rock Club. It was a late show featuring The Bungdoons and FiVe 0 SiX. The Bungdoons wowed the audience with their punk rock sound and wicked guitar instrumentals. SouthSide recommends listening to their comical Spanish song (sung with some Spanglish lyrics) and fight song titled Beat Em Up. This reviewer particularly enjoyed this song the most for its combination of suedo hip/hop rhythm and rock. This band was loud and fun, Fearless fans. For more information about The Bungdoons, visit them at
SouthSide liked FiVe 0 SiX performance at Reggie’s Rock Club however she has to admit the band was having an off night. They were big on sound and rocking hard for the audience. She enjoyed the wide range of genres mixed into their sound. Yet it wasn’t enough to appease this reviewer. The lack of enthusiasm hampered their great rhythm and guitar section. Instead of letting the music speak for them, it got overshadowed with too many one-sided riffs. The backing vocals were off key in certain songs. During one, he had to shout into the microphone just to be heard as a lyric echo. The highlight of show was when Kriss’ attempt being a human beat box. Despite the unenthusiastic vibes felt from the band, this reviewer does see a lot of potential in FiVe 0 SiX. There’s room to liven up the music to get the audience more hyped for their rock sound. Even this reviewer is willing to review them again at a later date. She does caution not letting the delay of starting the show get in the way of the excitement. There was some tension amongst the band member which might have contributed to this. Fearless fans are encouraged checking out FiVe 0 SiX at their next performance. For more information, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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