Sunday, February 8, 2009

29 Jan 09

“…I smoked too much weed…” Yardstick Civilization

Hey, Fearless fans, how do you like your rock served? If you like it gritty with a side of hardcore acid and some foot stompin’ angst, then you’ll love SouthSide’s new friends, Yardstick Civilization.

They opened a fantastic lineup at the Double Door recently which included Heavy The Fall and Imperial Mountain Villa. It was loud. It was raw. It was head banging rock that you could sink your teeth into and rip apart like a angry junkyard mutt. And that barely scratches the surface about this band. Yardstick’s music pounded the eardrums with pure acid rock. This was that in-your-face type of music you could feel as well as hear. There were ranges of anger such as rage and angst within the riffs and drums during the quick instrumentals. Nothing was held back in terms of their rock sound. Yet it was also Tony, Yardstick’s lead man on vocals, who expressed it that mood so vividly. He truly vented and ranted their songs vocalizing a man done wrong in life and love. Tony stomped and pounded down every square inch of the stage in anger. That poor stage had it rough, Fearless fans. SouthSide’s surprised it survived long enough for the other bands to perform. She recommends listening to Three and Out and Gridlock.

For more in formation about Yardstick Civilization, visit the band at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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