Sunday, February 1, 2009

24 Jan 09

Hey, Fearless fans, SouthSide’s doing double duty covering two shows in a single night! First she’s on the beat rockin’ another all-ages show Saturday at the Beat Kitchen. The young audience was treated to a mixture of hardcore metal, punk and powerpop music by the Hallow, Snowsera and Rosaline. Victorian Halls concluded the lineup with a hyperactive CD release show. Crazy antics on and off stage ruled their set making it the best fun ever had by SouthSide. She apologizes for missing most of the party but she had another show to cover before the night was over. She’s planning a full review of Victorian Halls during their Reggie’s show on February 6th. The lineup also included The New Diet however at the last minute the band had to cancel. They’re scheduled to perform at Fort Smith, Arkansas on March 21. Fearless fans are encouraged to check out this band and their music at or

While reviewing the Hallow, SouthSide thought of the band as super energetic kids high on sugar. Sedating this super active band would have killed the opening set. They were all over rockin’ the stage with quick and loud punk music. To SouthSide, it seemed their version of angry punk/new wave truly voiced the sentiments of the younger generation today. This reviewer recommends checking out their songs Straight to Hell and Go Get “Em Tiger. In her opinion, these two songs defined the band’s sound which was full of angst and guitar rhythms. At one point of the Hallow’s set, vocals and band seemed to be out of sync. Yet they did come together as one at the chorus. If you like the punk/new wave done loud and fast, this is your type of rock band. Fearless fans, check out their next performance at Reggie’s Rock Club for their CD release show on February 20th. For more information about the Hallow, visit them at

After seeing Snowsera for a second time, SouthSide concluded this performance was way better than the one at Elbo Room two months ago. Opening with Come to Me, they kicked off their Beat Kitchen set into high gear with more energy and fire. Immediately they had most grooving to the music. Even while taking their powerpop sound down a notch, you could still feel the same intensity in the lyrics off the vocals. Of course what’s a Snowsera set without their rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. This version had more of a danceable beat and rhythm than the original that rocked the stage. SouthSide also recommends checking out her favorite song, Runaway. It popped with sleek sexiness off the guitar rhythms especially during the instrumental. Fans were hyped with the band as they closed with I See. For more information about Snowsera and their music, visit them at or

Now with this band, SouthSide’s ears literally melted from Rosaline’s hardcore metal sound. Yet it was metal with a powerpop twist. The powerpop sound came from the keyboards which caught this reviewer by surprise. The keyboards itself balanced out their edgy metal music which was very interesting to hear. Still she liked how the opening song had very intense beat off the pounding guitar riffs and percussion rhythms. And that, Fearless fans, was head banging good. Even though the music at times overshadowed the screamin’ vocals, this reviewer enjoyed how the staged lighting played an integral role during this set. Not only could the audience feel the angst and frustration off the vocals. They could also see it as well whenever the lighting was in sync with the music. SouthSide doesn’t know if having the stage void of any light was on Rosaline’s part or a technical problem when performing Brother We’ll Save You. However in her opinion, it did help illustrate the song’s atmosphere and tone to the audience. This reviewer recommends Fearless metal fans checking out Rosaline on February 15th where they’ll be rockin’ out North Beach. For more information about this band, visit them at

Off to Reggie’s Rock Club for more music and fun!


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