Thursday, February 26, 2009

17 Feb 09

“…oh no here’s trouble right there…” Sick of Sarah

Hey, Fearless fans, these gals are heating up the indie pop music scene with a vibrant rock sound! SouthSide highly recommends checking out Sick of Sarah while they’re currently on tour. Last week, they returned to the famous Double Door to share the stage with The Melismatics, The Handcuffs and Farewell Captain. This band and its sound will remain fans of other local all-girl bands like Dropmore Scarlet or The Locals. The guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion rhythms rule in their songs. That rock sound really got the momentum of fun and excitement going amongst the audience. SouthSide like how each song took on a different personality off the guitars. They were performed with solid energy which didn’t slow down once. For example, their opening song, Hardest Part, kicked off the set with a bang. The music instantly grabbed everyone’s attention and had some dancing along to the beat.

Top that music with some Joan Jett attitude and raspy Debbie Harry voice and you had Abisha on vocals. SouthSide heard and felt a range of emotions with her on lyrics. For example, in Common Mistake, the tender song brought out the emotion in her vocals that could tug on your heartstrings. This reviewer also recommends Fearless fans listening to the angst in Not Listening and panic anxiety in Breakdown. The audience favorite and pop hit, Bittersweet, rocked down the Double Door stage. Though the set was short, Sick of Sarah packed a lot of rock as the lineup’s opening act. After seeing the audience’s reaction for more, SouthSide hopes they return again later this year. This reviewer encourages fans picking up their self-titled CD to add to their collection. Check out track 9, Paint Like That, for another fine example of Abisha’s vocals.

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Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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