Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 Feb 09

“…let’s do some damage…” Mr. Russia

Hey, Fearless fans, it was all hugs and kisses at the Metro’s pre-Valentine’s Day show! The night was extra special for one lucky band as they celebrated the release of their debut CD, Teething. For nearly two years, SouthSide has been covering Mr. Russia’s rise in the local music scene. They went from opening for headlining bands to headlining the stage themselves. The guest of honor was more than ready to take their place in history debuting on the Metro stage. Mr. Russia invited a few friends to help them celebrate this momentous night. Included in the eclectic lineup was Lasers and Fast and Sh*t, Apteka and The Prairie Cartel.

SouthSide enjoyed the wild craziness of Lasers and Fast and Sh*t’s set. ( They kicked off this stellar lineup with lots of punk energy and rockin’ songs that had the audience dancing. Psychedelic rock fans should check out Apteka ( or when they perform at Darkroom on March 6th. This reviewer suggests listening to their energetic, fast-paced songs, the sheet and it’s a wilderness. The combination of rock and electronica/ techno ruled The Prairie Cartel’s ( or performance. Their electro-based music had the audience grooving to the beat. Show off your best dance moves while listening Cracktown and Homicyde. Fearless fans, expect full reviews on these bands in the near future.

Don’t think this group of musicians as communists out to overthrow the capitalistic world, Fearless fans. However, Mr. Russia was definitely on the move to conquer the Metro stage as tonight’s headliner. With SouthSide’s favorite, XOXO, as their opening song, they were certainly rocking the stage like rock stars. Their punk/garage sound with thrilling guitar riffs and keyboard rhythms literally tore up the Metro stage. Performing other songs such as New Standard and Sneaking Cigarettes off their Teething CD, a couple of songs did finish a little rough. Still that didn’t stop Mr. Russia from truly wowing this audience. SouthSide did notice the piano was somewhat overshadowed by the guitars. However it did have solo moments in certain songs during the performance. Mr. Russia had special guests joining them on stage for a couple of songs. The audience went wild as Ivan (lead vocalist/guitarist) spewed some vile hatred during an anti-Valentine’s Day song. This band did some damage alright, Fearless fans, when they performed another SouthSide favorite, Damage. Whew, what a performance! It was the best one this reviewer has seen from this band. She highly recommends checking out this band when they conquer Otto’s Night Club and Abbey Pub next month. Also, ladies, grab a pair of Pretty Girls Don’t Make Mistake undies when visiting their merch booth after the show. For more information about Mr. Russia and its music, visit them at or

Until next time, Fearless fans, support local indie artists and music.


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