Thursday, August 14, 2014

One On One with The SUPERSUCKERS

They're known as the "Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band in the World" ...and that's no PR hype either, blogspot readers! Not when notable rockers such as Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Little Steven Van Zandt, Willie Nelson and Jim Heath of Reverend Horton Heat raving about this band's live performances. You may have seen them rock the stage along with other legendary bands such as Flogging Molly, The Ramones, Motorhead, Bad Religion, or Social Distortion at one point or another. They have even recorded with Steve Earle, Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson and many more. If you haven't guessed by now the name of the band this reviewer is referring to, perhaps she should mention one more thing about them. They just released their ninth studio album "Get The Hell" in which could easily be considered as their best one to date. Of course, she's talking about The SUPERSUCKERS and recently SouthSide had the extreme chance to chat with front man/bassist - Eddie Spaghetti about the band's longevity in the music industry, the tour and what to expect when they come to Chicago this Sunday.
Currently in the middle of their 40-show tour that began on July 12th, Eddie told SouthSide that she could expect a "...knock-down, dragged out..." street fight type of "...rock-n-roll party..." when the band rolls into Chicago this Sunday after telling him this will be her first SUPERSUCKERS experience. He also cautioned this reviewer to wear clean underwear and to have an extra back-up pair just in case, blogspot readers. Why? Because he and the band plans to "...rock [your] pants off..." before adding that it's going to be a HUGE laundry week for this reviewer and fans when they're finished rockin' out Chicago.  Never been forewarned before but she's looking forward to feel and experience what others have told her about The SUPERSUCKERS and how they rock the stage. The fact the band has been doing this since 1988 is totally amazing to which she asked Eddie for his opinion to what attributed to the band's longevity in this business. He said "...the fact [that] we have yet to succeed as a rock band..." She wondered why they haven't been inducted into the Rock-N-Rock Hall of Fame which he stated if they had a category for 'The Most Underappreciated Band' "...we would be top on the list..." 
As mentioned earlier, The SUPERSUCKERS recently released their ninth studio album "Get The Hell" which was recorded in Austin, TX at Willie Nelson's famed Arlyn Studio and mixed by Dwarves leader Blag Dahlia and Andy Carpenter. According the press release, this album "...carries the attitude and energy that made [this band] the heart-pounding, ear-splitting rockers of the 90s...", blogspot readers. Not having the chance to review the new album herself yet, she has been assured that this latest one offers the kind of mix and music Supersuckers punk fans will want to add to their collection. When asking Eddie which song or songs she should listen to, he simply replied "...start at the beginning..." and keep on listening until the very end. He stated he like the band has his favorites but leaves to the fans to decide which songs are the best. During their headlining performance at Reggie's Sunday, fans can expect to hear new songs like "Something About You" and "Fuck Up" along with a few of The SUPERSUCKERS' old stuff like "I'm A Fucking Genius", "Junk" or "Must've Been High".
Besides touring the US, the band will be making rounds in Europe with plenty of shows in Spain to which Eddie lovingly said he's fond of the country's food and culture "...I can see myself living there..." That's if and when he and band ever decides to retire but SouthSide thinks it won't be anytime soon. Lastly, blogspot readers, before having to go, he wanted fans to come to the shows because "'s the only way to experience what we do..." He likened the SUPERSUCKERS experience to a rollercoaster ride telling SouthSide that you'll never know what it's like until you try the ride yourself. "'s okay to watch a couple of YouTube videos by someone who experienced the ride ...but it's not the same..." as being there yourself.
If you're in the Chicago area, blogspot readers, head to Reggie's Rock Club to rock out with The SUPERSUCKERS with The Beggars, The Krank Daddies and Fitness opening for the band. The show is 17+ and doors open at 7:30p ...$12 adv / $15 dos!
SouthSide would like to thank Eddie Spaghetti for taking time out of his busy schedule for this chat.
Until next time, support your local scene,

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