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17 Aug 14 - The SUPERSUCKERS

“...We’re here to rock your asses off...” ~ Eddie Spaghetti
After playing another round of “CTA mad dash”, SouthSide arrived to Reggie’s Rock Club just in time for the headlining act – The SUPERSUCKERS, blogspot readers! However before entering the venue, she first had to make sure she had everything needed for her first experience with “The World’s Greatest Rock-n-Roll” band. Let’s see ...she’s wearing clean underwear extra pair (for just in case) ...okay, she’s ready for this show. This reviewer could definitely feel the excitement wafting throughout the many fans in attendance as they began crowding around the stage waiting impatiently for The SUPERSUCKERS to appear.

Then ...loud air raid sirens blaring ....a live recording of a past SUPERSUCKERS performance preceded the band’s entrance to which the fans erupted into cheers upon hearing the gritty charge of the electric guitars hit its first riff. Instantly, SouthSide could feel her pants being blown off by the rip-roaring, electric punk sound amidst the hard thundering crash of the drums. It was fast ...furious ...quite dirty ...wildly insane kick-arse beginning with front man Eddie Spaghetti, Dan “Thunder” (guitar/vocals), “Metal” Marty (guitar/vocals) and “Captain” Chris (drums), blogspot readers. Not a minute wasted on the intense momentum felt ...not even a second to stop for a quick breath. Yet despite the strong opening, it hadn’t reached the level for Eddie, the band and fans could start really rockin’ out Reggie’s Rock Club. When, it finally did, watch out! Because this was when the real SUPERSUCKERS show began.

“...[it’s] Kick Ass Thursday ...fuck tomorrow...” ~ renaming Sunday to Thursday
The World’s Greatest definitely proved why they’re dubbed with such title. Never before had SouthSide felt music intensity like this. blogspot readers. They thrilled the fans with plenty of hardcore punk guitar rock that fans excitedly responded throughout the night with cheers, head bangs and/or rock horns symbols in the air. Yet, that wasn’t enough for the diehards. They wanted more, blogspot readers, as they began shouting their favorite SUPERSUCKERS song to be heard meanwhile others were singing along with the band. Performing songs like “Coattail Rider” (an oldie but SUPERSUCKERS goodie) and “Gluttonous” and “Something About You” (both off Get The Hell) and, fans were jokingly told “...don’t die on the throne without [purchasing their copy of Get The Hell]...” Then there was Eddie’s remarks “’s not my job to do the math ...if you want to be an idiot like me, join a band....” Plus, you got to love a rock band who can say the following during their show “...if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back...”, blogspot readers. However Eddie guaranteed every fan will like the new album.
And to other bands (Fitness, Crank Daddies and The Beggars) who performed before them, the charismatic front man had to say this “...none of the [other] bands sucked...” when mentioning kudos to them before announcing to the fans that SUPERSUCKERS don’t do encores. “...when we walk off the stage, it’s [the set] over...”, blogspot readers, before rockin’ the venue with some killer honky tonk country rock featured in the song “I’m Just a Cowboy”. The crowd still wanted more from their favorite band. They weren’t ready for them to leave just yet. SouthSide had feeling Eddie and the guys didn’t want to leave either ...they were having too much performing on stage.

So was SouthSide’s pants rocked off? Most certainly, blogspot readers, but you might notice she left out a few details here and there in this review. Why? Because without giving too much away, she wants you to experience your own rollercoaster ride with The SUPERSUCKERS. Just be prepared to ride the heart-pounding twists, turns dips and loops with this band when Eddie and the guys travel to a city/town near you, blogspot readers.

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