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14 Aug 14

Hey, blogspot readers, it's the start of a busy weekend schedule for this roving local music scene queen! She'll be covering two music festivals, a few touring bands, an app demonstration at the Apple Store and then a secret event that comes with a twist.
Sounds exciting huh?
Well, stay tuned to this blog, blogspot readers, because SouthSide will be updating it with photos and reviews of her adventures rockin' around town from hanging out with The SUPERSUCKERS and GRENDEL to learning about bridging the gap between local politicians and voters. However, tonight, her long busy schedule began with a rockin' bang at Lakeview's Elbo Room where she was there to see her good friend FLINTface wrapping up their tour featuring Sweden's Cavanaugh and local support by Dogs on the Subway and Underground Empire.
SouthSide highly recommends checking out this scrappy yet sassy rock trio that kicked off the lineup with a sultry, saucy bang, blogspot readers. Dogs on the Subway had this audience feeling the lively contemporary pop sound amidst the realistic candor (with a bit of wit and humor at times) found within the band's lyrics. This reviewer enjoyed the toe-tappin' rhythms to which had her groovin' to the beat especially when Deb (front woman on keyboards) gave the eats a powerful blast of her emotionally dynamic vocal skills during songs like "Ryan Lies" and "Money". This was music with a definite crowd-pleasing attitude that comes with a sassy bite to its bark. Visit the Dogs on the Subway at http://www.soundcloud.com/dogs-on-the-subway or on their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, this reviewer had a hard time wrapping her ears around the pseudo punk/pop sound of local trio Underground Empire, blogspot readers. She's not saying it was a bad performance. It simply could have been performed a little better. Let her explain ...the music though the real "spokesperson" of this trio wasn't truly well represented by each member especially front man/guitarist Soren. SouthSide in all honesty found his stage presence lackluster even while performing a punk rock anthem like "Hate Hate Hate". There was no umph (not that she could hear) in his voice to make her want to join him in the "hate" on the lyrics. In her opinion, he missed out being not only bodily but vocally expressive towards the audience to make the song as well as the entire set more exciting to enjoy, blogspot readers. Still, it was a good set by Underground Empire and she recommends checking out this band at http://www.undergroundempire.bandcamp.com or on Facebook.

From the land of ice and snow where they're from, this band came, saw and conquered the Chicago audience with an intense yet energizing rock performance even seen by SouthSide and those she talked to afterwards, blogspot readers. Cavanaugh had this reviewer along with the management and staff of Elbo Room literally abuzz as well as blown away by their music as they performed songs like "Every Time" (to which front man/keyboardist Jonas jokingly said it was about premature ejaculation) and "Problems Of My Own" off their current album "War". SouthSide instantly liked the unique combination blend of the melodic and hardcore rock featured within Cavanaugh's sound which was simultaneously driven by the band's energizing intensity to make each note and/chord explode to life. There wasn't a moment, blogspot readers, when you didn't feel the heart-pounding rush coursing through your veins while listening to the realistic sentimentalism of the lyrics though sung in English ...SouthSide wondered how Cavanaugh would sound if they performed a couple of songs (like "Problems Of My Own") in Swedish just to give their American audience a taste of what their fans back home enjoy and hear in their native tongue. She highly recommends listening to the song Dead Right to which the band pumped up the rock juice to full blast to rock out their American performance with a bang. There was a unanimous agreement that Cavanaugh has to return (some day) for another Chicago performance but in the meantime, trying catching this band during their US tour before heading back home to Sweden or visit them at http://www.cavanaugh.se/ or their Facebook page.

Closing out this hot lineup, blogspot readers, was SouthSide's good friend from the city of brotherly love who's doing more than just spreading that love but also HOPE. After meeting Joe and his wife Beth as well as the rest of the band from FLINTface during Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI last month, she was extremely excited to introduce her friends, staff and management of Elbo Room to this dynamic band. And what a show did they put on tonight! In all truthfulness, this reviewer enjoyed this performance WAY better than the one she saw in Milwaukee ...the cool and dreary wet weather is the factor in that decision, blogspot readers. Yet inside a venue like Elbo Room, the performance was more intimate than on a large stage ...plus you could actually feel the intense energy projected from the stage floating around the main lounge during songs like "Did I Stutter?" and "When Culture Calls". This reviewer highly suggests listening two particular songs off FLINTface's debut album -  "Army of Rejects" (not to be meant as a negative but positive song of celebrating for being that unique special person) and title track, "Hope" both songs offers the listener not only words of advice but also that "kick in the arse" inspiration when you feel down, everything's at wit's end and there's nothing left to go on. Just remember, blogspot readers, when moments like that have you weighed down, there's always hope at the end of the tunnel. The song "Hope" brings a couple of tears to the eyes (even while typing about it too) because Joe speaks from experience ...not just his own but you, SouthSide ...everyone has reached a point where things are so rough you feel there's no hope. These songs and "Found My Voice" (another in which celebrates finding the moment of not letting anyone tear you down ...standing up for yourself, blogspot readers) is what's needed to be heard by today's youth and those disenchanted with life. There's always hope ...no matter how dark or bad it gets. Believe it. The highlight of the night was Joe's acoustic version of "Change The Words" (not on the current album but probably on the next one) to which this reviewer hopes he keeps as an acoustic because not only did his along with wife Beth vocals shine but the melodic acoustic guitar rhythms wonderfully brought out the inspirational tone thus making the lyrics sound more believable, blogspot readers. If you missed this band while on tour, not fret - FLINTface will be back on the road soon after a few appearances around the Philadelphia area. Need a little inspiration and hope in your life, then check out this band at http://www.FLINTface.com or http://www.reverbnation.com/FLINTface or on Facebook.

  (Joe's shoes)

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